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Sun cream!


Hello all!

A few questions........

Last summer i was spending around £50 a week on sun creams as we are instructed to use post transplant. Has anyone post TP got theirs on prescription from their GP or PT clinic?

Since my TP 9 months ago I have experienced lots of dental issues and pain. My consultant has refereed me to the Kings Dental Hospital. Any similar experiences anyone?

Thanks fellas,


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Thanks for the reminder about the sun cream.

7 teeth extracted after my transplant at the local hospital. I think it is quite common. More fun things.

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Only 2 for me...

davianne in reply to Hidden

Crikey Snoutie, the tooth fairy must have been on overtime 🤣


My husband gets his sun cream on prescription from GP. He also gets a high fluoride toothpaste from his dentist on prescription which he feels have really helped his teeth.

Take care, Pam xx

Popel in reply to IPCN

May help with his teeth but how much damage to his body is it doing.thats what I’d worry about.

IPCN in reply to Popel

The risk of tooth decay would worry me more as a source of infection so better to prevent. With most things there is an element of weighing up risk and benefit.

Popel in reply to IPCN

I agree it is about weighing the pros and cons it’s just at uni I was told fluoride was used to subdue the Jews at Auschwitz during World War Two. Although having a bit of it in toothpaste may be beneficial.dentists seem to think so.paul

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That's terrible. Why not pay for it yourself? It's cheaper. Why should the NHS have to pay. These treatments are being stopped soon.

I take aspirin daily as a blood thinner, but buy my own 75mg tablets. They cost me £1.20. The same tablet cost to the NHS £3.80. The same can be said for toothpaste. Cheaper to buy.

These prescription items are set to end soon.

IPCN in reply to Hidden

For your information Richard I do buy my own but it is available on prescription if my husband wants or needs it! Being in the higher tax bracket all his working life and now retired (I still work in the NHS) we are fortunate that we have a good income but not everyone is as fortunate. Please don’t jump to conclusions about people!!

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I wont.

Poobear69 in reply to Hidden

Ill tell you why the NHS should pay fella. I have worked since I was 19 and have had only 2 breaks and claimed benefits. When I was diagnosed with Stage 4 liver disease I was on a annual salary of around £90k? I have paid a huge amount of both tax and national insurance during my working lifetime and before i was diagnosed had never been in hospital. How dare you pontificate that "we" should pay for meds that we need. I will ask and expect everything that i need and is available to me to be paid for by the NHS? You say that you pay for your Aspirin? Big deal? I bet you dont pay for your own immune suppressants do you? Get off of your wooden throne mate and join the real world.

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Respect to you, But if people paid for those over the counter medication's, then maybe the NHS could afford to pay for these other really expensive life changing drugs. There's a breast cancer drug for example called, Palbociclib, this costs £140 per tablet, the NHS and NICE have rejected this drug due to the cost. My own Healthcare trust can't afford my Prograf so I have to get six months supply from the QE every six months.

I too have worked and paid in to the system all my working life. But a with a liver transplant cost of around £70,000, I thing I've had my money back. I certainly will be buying my own sunscreen. The system certainly needs a shakeup.

Yuiop in reply to Hidden

I only pay 60p for 75mg aspirin from poundstreatchers, it’s £1-70 same pack at boots!

mncold in reply to Yuiop

Hi Yuiop,

A question from one of the Americans - does boots mean a pharmacy?

Thank you and hope this finds you well,


Yuiop in reply to mncold

Yes it is

Poobear69 in reply to IPCN

Thanks Pam, hope that you are both well x

IPCN in reply to Poobear69

We’re both well thanks Poobear. Just had a wonderful week with our precious grandchild. Certainly kept us on our toes and we enjoyed the sunshine (no pun intended!). Xx


I had four teeth removed before transplant and all sorts of problems, post they seem to be holding together better.

Never thought of asking for sun cream on perscription

IPCN in reply to david5354

The sunscreen my husband gets is SunSense Ultra it’s SPF50+ in 125ml bottles and the GP has issued it on repeat prescription. If required!

Wow what are you doing with it drinking or bathing in surly £50 is a bit excessive. If it comes to spending that amount per week id personally think about staying in or walking around with an the same time I’ve only just had a transplant and haven’t really been out yet so wouldn’t know.i perhaps one of the reasons for once,that living in the uk has that we don’t get much sun.imagine how much it would cost if we lived somewhere saying all this I’ve just paid £23 for a product called Rieman p20 .there is 200ml of it and I’m hoping it lasts me all summer.paul

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Hi Popel

I was told by hospital that even if it’s cloudy you are supposed to put sunscreen on! Unfortunately I am my worst enemy and always forget ☹️.


Poobear69 in reply to Popel

Honestly i was spending 50 nicker a week?!


£50 a week?? Were you sunbathing 24/7? 😅

I use Body Shop Skin defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF50 for the face and neck all year round. It's not cheap but they often do 3 for 2 offers so not too bad. Clinique SPF 30 Virtu-Oil™ Body Mist for arms and legs and regular sunscreen for the beach. I haven't worked out the exact cost but I'm sure it's never been anywhere near £200 a month!

I asked the GP to write a prescription once and was given the tiniest most pathetic 30ml roll on sunscreen lotion 😒. I think I'll ask at the liver clinic next month.

Thankfully no teeth issues (yet) but been having this oral thrush on and off for over a year now...

Poobear69 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the info. Re oral thrush have you been prescribed Nystan? Its fantastic1

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Yeah I was prescribed nystan and dactarin a couple of times it's been severe but nothing ever makes it go away completely 😔

alfredthegreat in reply to Hidden

Hi. It's obviously a common problem because on discharge after transplant my hospital had Nystatin put on repeat prescription for 3 months for me. I had to take it 4 times a day as a preventative and luckily I didn't get oral thrush. I had it a few times pre transplant while on chemotherapy as one of the side effects of that was bleeding gums. I wonder if you are being given a long enough course of Nystatin to actually rid you of the thrush?

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First time it was really bad I was given 5 weeks Nystatin and some pills for the first week or 2 from the GP and 1 week Daktarin from my dentist. As I said it comes and goes. When I went to see a specialist at Kings Dental Institute I was told everything was fine. Also one way I can tell when there's a flare up, my water bottle starts to smell after a few sips 😷. Hasn't happened for a while now so fingers crossed it stays that way 🤞

alfredthegreat in reply to Hidden

When I used to get oral thrush whilst on chemo., even before I got any symptoms my wife knew that in a day or so I'd be suffering because she said she could smell the change in my breath. She was always right. So similar sort of thing to your water bottle. I haven't had an attack of it since finishing all that Nystatin post transplant but there again I feel so well now in myself so maybe that's why?

I use Nivea Sun Protect and refresh. Water resistant SPF50 200ml. £3.99 at Home Bargains and at B&M stores. I'm nowhere near through my first bottle yet. Luckily only one filling issue with teeth so far. Alf

Hi I am nearly six years post transplant, I have had no problem with my teeth and when out or on holiday abroad I use factor 30 and have no problems so far. I have my skin checked yearly and all's ok. I have read that anything over 30 is much the same. The thing is go and enjoy yourselves, stop worrying about it, if you start feeling too hot go in the shade. It is just preventery measures they advise and to be sensible. Much the same for anyone without having a transplant. Enjoy the sun and chill out. 😀😀😀🌞🌞🌞

Poobear69 in reply to dizzime

Thanks for the reply, appreciated.

I am quite chilled about it as I recovered remarkably well since transplant. I just dont wnat to run the risk of any cancer and I also am very clear with myself that I listen and take on board. If you have read any of my previous posts then youll def know that im VERY relaxed!!!!

freddie76 in reply to dizzime

Sorry not (quite the same for anybody who hasn't had a transplant). It is far more important post transplant as the risk of skin cancer is far greater when on immunosuppressants.

1football in reply to dizzime

I totally agree with dizzime ,am using factor 30 as 50 is way to thick and greasy and the benefits are virtually the same as long as you apply every few hours wear a large brimmed hat sun glasses and suitable clothing your fine. We are going to Thailand in june(honeymoon)and my consultant told me this advice but also to try and stay out of sun when at its hottest which everybody should do regardless, having said this am not fair skinned and we should all follow the advice of our own consultants & coordinators.

Loving life


berties in reply to 1football

Hiya 1football, try P20 factor 50 when you go on your honeymoon. It's a clear liquid that you apply once in the morning and lasts all day even if you go in the water! It needs to dry on you though as it will stain cloths if still wet. My hubby is over 6 years post transplant and we have been all over the world using this. He is the only pale person on the plane coming home. Lol.

He has also had teeth problems since transplant. Had a couple out in the first couple of years. Not so bad now. Had nystatim in the first year too.

Every day is a blessing just enjoy life, everything else will slot into place.

Enjoy Thailand we did.


1football in reply to berties

Thankyou Bertie’s

I’ve just been on amazon and ordered a bottle to hopefully try over the weekend as apparently it’s going to be nice🌞


Hiya poo bear 🐻 🤗

I am a bit of a scrooge with money and what I do is buy my sun screen when it's the end of summer I bought 8 bottles for a tenner from tesco last year so I am all stocked up just a thought for you 😊

And teeth wise mine are a mess all top ones gone, on fluoride toothpaste from dentist and I get it on prescription just trying to keep the bottom ones for as long as I can...

Only reason I don't get sunscreen from gp is I found it too thick and I just can't resist a bargain anyway lol


Two things where did I go I go wrong. never earnt more £40000 a year!

Sun cream do remember to put in on! I just had skin cancer within the first year post transplant and all the consultants said it was a result of the drugs.

Suncream, I did the same as jojokarak, when I was in the UK last November I found a random shelf in Tesco selling off loads of high spf, I took a lot of bottles.

Yes I do have problems with my teeth and I also have the high fluoride on prescription as you cannot buy it without a prescription in the UK or a lot of other countries. The one I am using is Duraphat 2800ppm, 0.619%, you can get a higher one than that and also get fluoride treatment at the dentist if you choose to do so and your dentist does it. I have no idea about side health effects though

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