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Drink is a curse!

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I contracted Hepatitis C through drug use and was treated twice with interferon almost 20 years later and finally was clear of the virus.

My problem is that while I gave up drugs I picked up alcohol so actually, in terms of liver health I am no better off.

My husband is a daily very heavy drinker and this makes it even more difficult to stay off.

I say daily I will stop but I cannot do more than a couple of days.

I have little money and have attended free public health counselling to no avail.

My major concern is that my liver damage continues to progress despite being virus free. I was told I have fibrosis at my last ultrasound.

I am hopeless.

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Hey BedeB. Your certainly not a hopeless case. Your just stuck that's all. It's hard when your trying to give something up and your partner is heavy into it. This could be anything from trying to cut out pop and cake with a partner who eats it all the time to alcohol or drugs. It seems that it's probably fair to say that you have a clear enough mindset to recognize the issues that are on the table but just struggle with a tendency for addiction. Totally understandable and trust me your not alone. After reading your post I leaves me with a few questions though. One is if the doctors have checked you recently for the hep C virus because it can return? Secondly what kind of damage did it do liver wise 20 years ago that you are aware of?

If the virus is still absent in your tests than the damage progression is being caused by the 20 years of heavy drinking. Keep in mind for women the amount per day to stay within the low risk zone is only one drink. Even if the disease is absent the alcohol would have just continued any damage you had previously. If the virus is found to be in your blood again than you are going to have a double edged sword damage effect.

If the scans are showing fibrosis any alcohol at all is going to continue the progression. So cutting it out is imperative

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