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Cryptogenic cirrhosis

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Hello everyone. Because the doctors couldn't see in my biopsy the reason of my cirrhosis, I receved the final diagnosis of Cryptogenic cirrhosis. No medication, no diet... Just saying "we will kip the eyes on it".

So, this is it? Just waiting for my liver to kill me little bit by little? My blood tests results are still elevated, ALT is stable now at 175 f, etc..

What I can do to help myself? Thank you.

Have a great Christmas everyone and a Happy New year! 😘

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Hi Monikoki,

My diagnosis right up to transplant was cryptogenic cirrhosis. It was only after transplant that I was able to get a formal diagnosis of PSC. Basically because I didn't really fit with the pattern of it just wasn't possible to give a diagnosis. We all knew it was getting worse but couldn't quite put a finger on it. It took the pathology from the explanted liver to final get the diagnosis. Basically for cryptogenic just read of unknown cause.

It'll be frustrating as hell unfortunately. You'll go through appointment after appointment being a diagnostic dilemma and medical mystery. However, they will keep monitoring you and pick up any changes that may lead to a diagnosis or prompt some medication, usually to help relieve symptoms as they arise. Look at this way, it does at least make you interesting to all the medics, lol.

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monikoki in reply to Kristian

Thanks for the reply and have a great Christmas 🤶

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Kristian in reply to monikoki

You too, and if you ever have any questions always just feel free to ask.

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