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What does this mean?

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Yesterday I had an Endoscopy after which my consultant gave me a copy of the report.

Here are some extracts for it.

Indication: Liver Disease , screening for varices, iron deficiency anemia and HB 10g/d

Scores: ASA status 3 (i.e.compensated systemic disease with functional limitation).

Oesophagus. A total of 4 varices seen on the lower part of the Oesophagus.

Stomach: Portal hypertension gastritis in whole stomach..

How does this relate to the price of fish?

all the best for the forth coming holiday: me I'm still on my diet


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Just basically confirms you have advanced liver disease with portal hypertension - blood isn't passing through the liver as it should so is backing up in your system into smaller blood vessels causing varices (bulging veins) in your oesophagus and a change to your stomach lining. I take it they didn't band your varices based on that report. Portal hypertension can also cause ascites so watch out for that - reduce salt intake to prevent fluid retention.

If they didn't band your varices then you need to watch out for any signs of bleeding such as starting to pass black tarry stools.

Other than that no change, keep looking after yourself. I think you've been through all this with hubbies diagnosis too (looking back at old posts).


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Thanks Katie and much appreciated

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