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Spreading awareness


After nearly dying on 1-7-2016 I got diagnosed with oesophageal varices needing 6band and glued, cirrhosis, heart disease & insulin dependent diabetes through alcohol & cocaine abuse. I have remained abstinent since that day, me and my wife now volunteer with the NHS to help with alcohol and addictions. we have also spent the past 2years writing a book on my life showing how how easily alcohol can control your life and the turmoil this brings, and also how good life can be once your sober. I now struggle daily with my health due to Addiction so If my book can help save a life through me nearly losing mine it would all be worth it. My wife also created me a web site to share my story to spread awareness yourchoice-alcohol.co.uk

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Thank you for sharing your story and post with the forum Rodney.

It is so positive that you are now trying to help others.

I am going to drop you a personal message.

Best wishes


Hi stonebaby,

Thank you for sharing your story. My husband went into liver and kidney failure in Nov 2015.

He gave up drinking while in the hospital and now only drinks non-alcoholic beer - it was okayed by his liver doctor.

The journey others have gone on can be a great help for those suffering from liver disease and those of us living with and/or caring for them.

Best wishes to you and your wife.


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Hope your husband is doing ok, we totally agree the more people are aware of how easily lives can be turned upside down by these diseases the better. That’s why we do this so people have a better understanding especially for the people who are left caring for loved ones suffering as life is just as hard for them also.

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