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Serum Bilirubin High?



I have been having right sided upper abdominal pain for 6 months. They didn’t find a reason yet (did an Ultrasound and blood tests plus Hplyori stool test) The bilirubin level however was elevated at 25 (reference limit 21) When I asked the doctor about it he said though it wouldn’t matter?! Blood tests a year before were in range with 17. What do people here think? Thanks a lot!


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Ok just saw that users are discouraged from posting or asking about test results. Apologies for that. Still interested where I could find more info since my GP didn’t really care about it.

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Hi and welcome Random. Yes its easy to do that! Somehow you have to phrase it differently, maybe look at other peoples posts?

I’m sorry i can’t help, i never ever until just before the t/p got told any detail, and i didn’t want it, as it would have scared me to “death” 😀


Hey there. My Billiruben seems to fluctuate every time I do a blood test. Sometimes 20 sometimes 13. Just because it is high it may very well be back in normal next time

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