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Just had my 12th Embolisation and this is really a patients review for anyone that ever finds themselves with this procedure for the very first time. Firstly remove any thoughts of pain as the most painful part is having the local anaesthetic and that is no worse than the initial pain one gets when any needle is inserted to take blood. The weirdest part is being awake throughout and being talked through breath holding whilst they gather images. Then you will lie flat for 4/6 hours and then you can sit up, get up and invariably back to some form of normality. 1 night being observed and then home. You will return after 6 weeks or so for a scan and this will determine the relative success of the procedure. All in all pretty straightforward really and certainly nothing to get worked up about. Being diagnosed with HCC is as bad as it needs to get.


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Great post Ray 😊 esp for anyone anxious about it. X

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