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Elevated iron in Liver + spongy left foot.

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My left foot and leg started going numb, tingling, burning sensation about 2 months ago. I have had a blood test and results show slightly elevated iron levels @ 628 ug/l.

I was tested for Haemochromatosis and that came back negative. I am waiting to hear from the local Hospital heptologist on how to proceed.

Could the high iron levels be causing the foot problem? I suspect the high iron levels are due to excessive drinking which I have cut back on.

How is excessive iron removed from Liver?


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Hi jph88, By iron I assume you mean ferritin levels? Only ferritin levels over a thousand 'should' cause symptoms so at 628 I doubt your symptoms are down to that, the docs dont tend to worry unless its over 1000. You are right though, the high ferritin is probably down to your drinking, good idea to cut it out as alcohol makes you absorb more iron from food, esp don't have alcohol with food. Along with alcohol, the two other most common causes of high ferritin without having haemochromatosis are obesity and inflammation anywhere in your body. Excess iron is removed by venesection (blood letting), I'm pretty sure they will not offer you this treatment being negative for haemochromatosis but you could go give blood to get it down yourself, it's the same procedure. Wait and see what the hepatologist has to say because of course I'm not a Dr, my advice is based on what I've learned as a result of loading iron and currently undergoing a venesection programme myself for porphyria. Here is a link about ferritin that might help healthline.com/health/ferritin . All the best to you. 🙂

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