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Possible Terry's Nails with history of Kidney Damage from Sepsis.

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Yesterday I went to get a simple physical for cheerleading; my pedatrician noticed a "nail pallor" which she indicated In her observations. I went septic this year and was in the ICU. I suffered liver,muscle, and kidney damage as a result of septic shock. Last time I went to my nephrologist after being released from the hospital after recovering he said my kidney numbers got worse since being released. I have Gastroparesis which means my stomach does not empty food enough to sustain my life or give me nutrients and energy. I currently have a feeding tube but I have been throwing up a lot and not retaining enough nutrients. I was supposed to get blood drawn after my appointment yesterday and instead my pediatrician called and said that my Gastroenterologist at VCU children's Hospital wants me to come their within this week or the beginning of next week. Also I have had my hair fall out significantly which has been both embarrassing and concerning. We will know exactly what is happening after I go to the hospital and get the proper labs but I would love to read your opinions. I added a photo to show how my nails look at the moment and they increasingly seem to get whiter and more noticeable.

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Hi Fighting and welcome to forum - if new? So sorry to hear about Sepsis, what an awful thing to go through 😧

Im sorry but this is way over my head, please also note i dont think we are really (i may be wrong) meant to try and comment on specific results other than to compare with our own experiences. But such is the breadth of issues experienced by members, who knows, there may be someone who has had the exact same issues .

I really wish you the best of luck!

Make sure you get an appointment with gastroenterology and perhaps also request referral to hepatology. Whilst Terry's Nails are no longer used as a definitive for diagnosis of a liver condition the paediatrician has made an good observation on your nail pallor. Your situation does need assessing a.s.a.p.

I note you are still under paediatrics and wonder what country you are in. In the UK we have a Children's Liver Disease foundation which actually covers young people up to the age of 24. The British Liver Trust mainly looks at conditions particularly related to adults and liver disease.

Sorry to hear of all the things you've had/got, hopefully your doctors can get to grip with them really soon.

Katie x

I am in the United States of America

There is an American Liver Foundation and their website is. liverfoundation.org/ Maybe their advice and support would be more relevant than the UK situation.

Regardless, you need that appointment very soon.

All my best wishes,

Katie x

Thank you .

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Hi FightingStrong

Thank you for your post.

Whilst we appreciate how worried you are, this forum is here to share experiences and provide support to each other and we would advise against posting any photos or asking for specific medical advice. This is not a medical forum and should not be used to try and make diagnoses or replace advice from your own medical practitioners who have a much wider view of your health and test results.

As Katie has already mentioned, if you are under the age of 18 then our colleagues at The Childrens Liver Disease Foundation would be more appropriate to contact, or the USA equivalent.

The British Liver Trust is only for the provision of information to adults with liver disease.

In this regard, it would appear that you should see your own doctors as soon as possible.

We hope your medical team in the US can support you and you start to feel better very soon,

Warm wishes


I wasn't asking for medical advice as I have highly trained specialist who are going to figure out what is happening exactly. I was simply sharing my current situation and asking for opinions and thoughts if anyone has had the same type of situation. I have a Nephrologist as well as other specialist for my chronic illnesses and I thought this forum was open for discussion. In no way do I think that the people on this forum are trained or even 100percent accurate with diagnosing me without a proper degree, labs, and physical examination. It was simply a post to ask everyday people with very valid and interesting opinions to share. Thank you for your concerns but I think you've misread and also misinterpreted my post.

Hi FightingStrong, I have recently developed exactly the same nail condition as your photo depicts. I will hopefully update you when it is resolved later, thank you for posting. I need to get a blood test, will keep you posted. I suspect this is due to sugar and maybe causing immune system issues. I might be acidic instead of alkaline, so avoid anything with refined sugar as much as possible, eat lots of greens. I will try a Keto diet. Suggest checking out this health focused option on YouTube: Dr. Eric Berg - How to Start Keto Correctly: youtube.com/watch?v=dR6TnC1...

Hello! Do you have any update for us? How is your condition now?

Hope you are well.

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