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Giving up now

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Will not be reading or posting to this site anymore. Every post I see or respond to has lots of replies. My last two asking for help or advice didn't get a single reply.

Maybe I worry too much but feel I have had enough and unable to cope with any more.

Hope you all get on well and that you all keep good health.

Please respond to other people - believe me it's quite soul destroying when there is no response at all

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So sorry you are feeling so alone, I didn't see any of your previous posts, but I find it helpful to read other people's' posts and replies even if I don't get any.

Don't give up

I think I may have sent my reply into the air, but what I wanted to say was, I didn't see any of your previous posts, but I find it helpful to read other people's' posts and responses even if I don't get any.

Don't give up.

Sorry you didn't get replies to your last questions. Being about post transplant matters and in particular about blood test results I personally didn't answer because I have no experience or expertise in post transplant or blood results and thought that as you were attending transplant clinic the next day you would get the answers there from more appropriate people than forum members whom you must remember are all on their own journeys either as poorly patients or carers with our own issues and we can't be on line 24 hours a day responding to every single post although whereever we can offer support we do so.

Hope you did get your answers from transplant docs about the ALP levels, it's not that folks don't care just sometimes we don't have the expertise to interpret medical results and are indeed instructed not to by forum admin.

Hopefully you will stick around but it's entirely up to you.

All the best going forward, Katie x

I'm sorry kimlescam, I missed your posts as I'm only on now and again. I do hope you'll stay but as Katie said above sometimes i just don't feel qualified to answer so don't comment. I think a lot of times it takes a certain person with similar experience to be on at the time of your post. I feel nobody really cares for my posts either at times, though a lot of them are more like blogs and links than questions. I don't mind personally as they may be some help to someone down the line, and they help me by writing things down. I've learnt loads just from reading posts on here. I do hope you find the answers you need. Xxxx

Sorry you didn't get any response to your last 2 posts however your previous 9 posts amassed over 100 replies. I think that's worth a pat on the back and thanks to all those suffering themselves but still managed to help along the way.

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Laura009, I agree with you..out of 11 posts there were 100 reply’s? I did not read your posts, sorry. But I can say that as a transplant recipient myself..any questions I have about blood work, or levels, I ask my heptologist (sp)

It’s common knowledge that on this site we are NOT doctors. More than that, each one of us have different biological makeups.

We’re not not supposed to answer those queries except to say, please see your doctor.

If you had posted 11 times, I assume you know that, unless you didn’t read any of the other posts?

Again, sorry if I’m wrong, but wow.. soul destroying? Maybe you want to consider how many answers you got before? Like someone above said, as sick as I am now, I only skim posts now, after I get my daily email.

Good luck! Talk to your docs. That’s what they are there for. Oh, and if you have had a tx, you can always call your transplant coordinator.

And look at all the responses your getting now?


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Thanks Kimberly. I couldn't have replied to any of kimlescams posts I have no transplant knowledge, I don't have cirrhosis or any other liver disease. I'm merely the widow of an alcoholic. I think she's being very unfair given the amount of replies and support she previously recieved. I hardly think she's been ignored !

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So true. I am a recovering Alchoholic myself. I didn’t get sick for 3 1/2 years sober, but I had Hep C so it kept hurting my liver after I got off the booze.

I’m so sorry for your loss, and wish you love and light, in all things your life brings you!

Cheering you on!


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Good luck with your recovery sweetheart xx

Sorry you are having difficulty with responses. Personally, I don't respond unless I can relate to the issues in some way. It could be people have not responded because they didn't feel like they had anything to offer you. Also, I have noticed posts sent out on the weekend sometimes get little or no attention. I suspect people try to forget their health issues and play with their families.

Best wishes


Yes, so sorry you've not received replies for last couple of posts, I really hope you stay on the forum, there's a lot of love to give on here. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

It sounds like you have been through so much already and have lots of knowledge.

I hope you have a better day tomorrow and maybe reconsider leaving.

I have only recently joined and did not see any of your previous posts.

Best wishes


I didn’t see your last two posts either until I just had a sneak look back just now. If I had would have responded to one of them. I generally don’t respond to any posts with blood test results because I’m not qualified to do so. I do think it’s great you got to go away and your husband wore his organ donation tshirt with pride and talk to people about the importance of organ donation. Like a lot of people here I don’t get on the page every single day because of my own illness and probably miss loads of posts from a lot of people. Wish you luck for the future


I don't check in everyday

For me the whole transplant thing had been a bit of a whirlwind as hubby was done 4 days after being on list back in May.

Don't give up

Everyone's experience is different

Sorry to hear your husband is not doing so well. I can understand why you are upset. I posted the other day and have only had two replies. I get really uptight as I find this forum is only place I can ask questions about my husband. It’s hard being a carer of someone with liver disease and only a handful of people realise what you are going through. Keep strong and I hope your husband starts to feel better soon. Xx

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Private message sent

I’m sorry I did read your post and felt bad that nobody replied but I didn’t have any answers for you because I’m not that bad yet, so I am sorry

Not exactly sure what your talking about. Your profile shows you've made 12 posts. All of which have been replied to. Some of them have upwards to 19 replies and another marked as "popular". Out of the 2 posts not replied to one was 3 months ago and one was only 2 days ago. The one 3 months ago may have went unseen by members and the one from 2 days ago may just not have gotten any replies yet. So given the 10 well responded to posts out of the only 12 youve posted you might be being a bit zealous here.

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