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Liver biopsy results - how can I have access to..

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Hello everyone it's me again, having problems to understand the system..

My Gp cannot access my blood test and biopsy results because they were requested by my gastroenterologist..

I have had a biopsy on 31'st August and the results are back but because my gastroenterologist secretary is in annual leave for another two weeks, now one wants to tell me what the result are.

So here I am again, anxious and worried. I know that what is not in my power to change, I cannot change.. But still, how is it possible to don't have the right to know what is going on? Why I don't have a follow up appointment after one month? (I have seen last time the gastroenterologist in 12August)

All I know (I managed to speak with others Dr secretary) is that after the Dr will see the result, he will decide how soon he will see me depending of how bad my results are..

Can you please advise me what can I do to find out sooner the result? Another two weeks to live in this stress of not knowing,and how much longer to receive a follow-up appointment?

Thank you

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You have to accept what you've been told, nobody will give you the results until your Consultant has seen them and requested a follow up appt.

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OK, thanks for the reply.

It's horrible to be constantly waiting for answers. I had a CT scan last Friday and was told tjat the consultant will get the report in 6 weeks. I will then have to wait for an appointment with him to hear what it frustrating. I'm half out of my mind with worry, I want to know what has caused my cirrhosis, the consultant is thinking possibly AU but the lab have refused to do the relevant test four times!! Good luck, I'm sure that you'll hear soon. Deb

I hope the best for you to. Thank you for your reply.

This is one of the things you will have to get used to- waiting for results. I always look at it form the point of view that unless it is urgent and they need to do something straightaway, then you are okay to carry on as you are and should just try to accept that they will only contact you if they feel there is something that you need to be seen about immediately. Worrying cannot change anything and the person doing the biopsy would have referred it as urgent probably, if they felt it needed some attention. All the best :)

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I know that is not a point to worry and I understand that I will receive the follow up appointment accordingly to my results. But still, cannot understand why I cannot know what my results are in the moment they have received it.. So, I can wait quietly and not worried for my follow up appointment..

Anyway, I am much better now thanks to yours reply. Knowing that is not just me in this situation, make me feel sorry for all of you. Is like I can share my heavy burden with all of you and don't feel the heaviness so much..

Thank you for reply.

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If it's anything like the hospital I used to attend, the gastro consultant is seeing an enormous number of patients, making it difficult to see everyone in a timely way. My gastro was seeing patients with all types of hepatitis as well as people in geriatric wards, liver ward and doing the endoscopies at the weekend plus other stuff I probably know nothing about. There was also clinics at the hospital on Wednesdays that they were doing, as well as overseeing the Registrars work. The gastro used to have 2 secretaries and then one retired, but they still have to see the same number of patients.

Even if you are fortunate to have access to a system that allows you to see bloods within a couple of days, biopsy results will always be relayed to you by a specialist since they require interpretation in the context of your other results.

If you could see the biopsy results, unless you are medically qualified, you would have problems understanding them, probably, since they would be in medical speak. Seeing them without someone to explain them, could panic you unnecessarily and lead to a lot more worry than you are currently experiencing.

I was told it would be 6 weeks to get my MRCP results and several months later, I still hadn't had them. Then when they were eventually discussed, it would seem that because I had moved during the scan (no-one said so at the time), they didn't get a clear picture, but felt it was unnecessary to do another one. This is one of the reasons I said, you will eventually get used to this waiting game.

I used to worry initially, but now I am convinced they only contact me straightaway when either they are super efficient or there is something that needs immediate attention. It's good that you are able to be chilled about it, as I think this will help you in the future. All the very best and I hope it is all good news :)

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Thanks very much for your reply. I wish the best for you to.

Take care.


For future reference, you can ask the hospital a copy of your results.

According to the GDPR, you can make a Subject Access Request and have a

copy of your results within a month (not earlier than that unfortunately).

This is now free.

Good Luck

Thanks for the reply and suggestions.

You are welcome

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