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CT scan


I went for my CT scan this morning. I have previously had a gastroscopy and colonoscopy but apparently there's about 15 feet of small bowl that can't be seen during *oscopies. I hadn't realised that I would have to drink 2 jugs of bowel prep, I'm a big baby when I have to eat or drink anything that tastes icky. I kept retching so they let me drink just one jug instead of two. I should have had buscopan injected with the contrast but as I have SVT I couldn't be given the buscopan. I have major pain in my right shoulder and having to have my hands above my head throughout the scan was really sore. The staff were lovely which is always a positive and the results should be in in about 6 weeks. I am supposed to be having a bone scan and capsule endoscopy but don't have a date for either of them yet.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, Deb

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Hi Bridesmum im not sure i know what all those things are that you mentioned but i understand about having scans, having to drink two drugs of bowel prep sounds absolutely awful no wonder you brought it all up again. sometimes all the poking about and the treatments that go along with illness is horrendous and very hard to bear for even the strongest of us. I had a major operation myself just over two years ago and some of the procedures i had to go through were hell. especailly one of them where i had whats called an ERCP i had buscopan injected into a main line vein and also some other preperation, not sure what it was but they said it was a drug that would make me not really know what was going on although i wouldnt be knocked out, they said i would have no memory of the procedure. what ever it was didnt work and i was totally aware the whole time, i hope that things work out in your favour and its not anything bad. I hope your have some pain relief for your shoulder. keep your chin up, and i hope you have a lovely week end. love grace xoxo

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I've had the prep, it's disgusting, bet they haven't tried it!!, The gave me fentanyl when I was having gastroscopy as the tube was thicker, that was the best one ever!! Only woke once, all the others were terrible. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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