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Fibroscan median 4.6 / ultrasound and bloods

Hi everyone, just to let you know that following my elevated EFL test, I had 3 tests to establish the health of my liver.

Minimal scarring and not fatty - bloods all ok - happy, however the consultant advised me to stop drinking for at least 6 months. I reckon that will be tough (I know that sounds dumb) but he said it’s better that I am in control and can do something about it (same advise many of you gave me :). After 6 months, continue to stop or significantly reduce.

So although I am on the low end of the scale, I’ve been very fortunate and had a warning & have had lots of good advice - it’s all currently within my control.

Longest I have ever gone without alcohol is 6weeks, but determine as there is no evidence that excessive drinking ever did anything good for us!

Good luck to everyone on their journey too


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Thanks for sharing the good news Peter, & best of luck with your new healthy lifestyle.

Many of us slip up early on in recovery so best to be prepared. The trick is to avoid an extended relapse. If you wake up one morning and find you've had a slip, don't consider it a failure and become fatalistic about your ability to stay healthy. Just climb right back up on the wagon & enjoy the ride to better health.


Thanks Metanoia - I think you advice is spot on - I am a realistic that there may be a few bumps along the way -


Hello peter... I have the same score as you on my fibroscan. I also had a hard time quitting the alcohol but it has been 2 years sense I've quit and I feel wonderful 😊it was a tad hard in the beginning...depression set in and all but as time went on I got use to it...actually enjoy my life more waking up feeling awful..watching the clock and waiting for it to be time to start drinking....I so things now I am happy now..LIFE IS WONDERFUL 🤗


Thanks for your message - sounds like you have doing very well yourself and proves that it can be achieved


Yes it can..just takes time and patience


Hi Peter

Did the consultant provide any explanations for the ELF test showing moderate fibrosis when the Fibroscan, ultrasound and blood tests (LFTs?) showed only 'minimal scarring and not fatty'?

Sounds like the ELF test may have overestimated the amount of fibrosis?

If so, do they have any idea why this might have been the case?


Hi TeamToad - when I was referred to the consultant, they indicated that sometimes EFL results can be elevated as they look for specific markers and he would rather comment when I had the 3 tests he recommended - bloods, fibroscan and ultrasound (which I now have had) - all which concluded I had mild fibrosis and that I needed to reduce/stop my alcohol consumption for at least 6 months to avoid a problem in the future. My understanding is that the gold and absolute indicator, is a biopsy, however the fibroscan / ultrasound provide a good indication. I have also gone back to the original place where I had the original EFL blood test asking for more of an explanation/ detail. I am awaiting their response - hope that all makes sense.


Makes sense Peter, thanks.

Would be interested to know what they say about the ELF test if you don't mind sharing their response if/when you get it.


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