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Any Advice would be grateful


My mom has had two liver transplants since Aug last year , first one failed due to bile ducts dying, she was re transplanted in MAR this year, she then had a bile duct leak which led to a collapsed lung and pheumonia and spent nine weeks in ICU, she then started vomiting end of April which is still happenening now she has been discharged three times and re admitted two days later , she doesn’t drink well or eat when she does she vomits , she then has a spell where she does eat small amounts, the longest spell was three weeks so she was sent home then the vomiting started again! Doctors have said they aren’t going to investigate further, then she was sick and the doctor was actually there she brought up 1.5 litres of fluid he canulated her straight away, and she had a cat scan of the brain yesterday, is there anyone else that has had anything similar,

Many thanks


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