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This is insanity !


I went Drs yesterday no cirrhosis

Got letter off hospital saying ct was all clear sent home with no follow up .

Then it says PMH. Past medical history baring in mind new hospital

Cirrhosis ,hip replacement ,hysterectomy,few more so please I have not a soul to speak to my past ultra sounds say echo centric increased throughout consistent fatty infiltration threw out but one says same different wording and showed Nodul of its contour consistent with early cirrhosis

Been told have it then I ain't then GP has letters in hand and says you have it new hospital said I had liver desease went again then new GP I ain't got it the thing is am I the only ex alcoholic drugs stopped yrs ago took OD few times told truth they think I'm lying about the damage I think I done the pain mentally as being honest to all on here I'm grateful I get reply but this is the only time I thought f.... It then I thought of all you lot and what hell apart from drink and the support there's no way shape form manner I would drink so that was just a thing I had to tell u as its hard enough for all I'm not knowing what I'm doing of with me eating ect it sounds really pathetic but I really no nothing about some things and a lot of life things I've learnt,I'm always moaning but when you watch east Enders it really ain't ott with story lines .

Hope you can understand what I'm on about .

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Hi Faithfull. Did this letter come from the consultant at the hospital. If it did I would feel inclined to phone the number on the letter and ask why cirrhosis is listed in your previous medical history and yet you’ve been told that you haven’t got it. Once liver disease has progressed to cirrhosis it can be stabilised but not cured, unless through transplant. At the moment your not getting any peace because your being told two different things. If you can’t get a satisfactory answer from the hospital you can ask for a second opinion. I understand from your previous posts that you’ve just moved and your previous hospital sounds like they were next to useless. So it may be that your notes that were forwarded on may have caused confusion. Wish you luck and hope you get some answers soon x

Faithfull in reply to Smyally

The records from abroad cell path reports hysterecony, liver blood when addmitted numours times abroad same country but do every test from head to toe they found menningomia brain .and it says yr ago about the Nodul and finding was hepatic stenosis early cirrhosis . Hospital England disharged me then Sent me for fibro scan which two weeks later she called saying nothing at all wrong not even fatty liver , then said don't go killing it up celerbrating .!!!

Faithfull in reply to Smyally

Sorry how you and Thankyou this has been going on over a yr .I feel like there taking more yrs of me life I really am in a state as PTSD and ADHD me mind going 100miles a hour .

Hey Faithfull, good advice there from Smyally. Dont know if anyone has suggested this already, but you can always phone PALS or Patient advice, leasion, service. They are a group who can act as go betweens with you and the doctors and really good at clarifying or sorting out situations and getting to the bottom of things. The Hospital should have their number or They can often be found via the Hospital front desk. Ive found that the Doctors will listen to PALS after totally ignoring me! They were also very good at interpreting Hospital letters for me . Hope you have a good day. 😊😃xxx

Faithfull in reply to moonbeam4

You made me remember that I had ongoing case last hospital Thankyou it went out me head completely thanks I used to have 1 worker who was brilliant so I defiantly call them thank god you reminded me c

Faithfull in reply to Faithfull

Ment to put X not c how are you doing sorry never asked x

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