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Spider naevie


I have had spider naevie for about 18 months but they have probably doubled in the last 8 months or so. They were originally just on my arms but now they're all over my chest, back and even on my face. I am waiting to see a specialist after my cirrhosis diagnosis. Will they ever go away or am I going to have them forever? I don't know what the cirrhosis is caused by yet, i am a non drinker but have a fatty liver.

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I have these too. Mostly on my torso and arms. Appears to be getting worse? All I know is you can get laser treatment for them.


I too have them and so do other ladies my age , in their 60’s, and they do not have PBC. My dermatologist said they are age related .

I also have them I was told they appear as u get older!!! They r harmless xx

I just look like I've been bitten all over my arms and chest. They look a mess

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