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Liver damage


Right bare with me this is the 1st time I have posted

I’m 30 years old.. started binge drinking with friends. That got a lot worse after a abusive 10 year relationship which I drank everyday. Now I drink because all my freinds do and a day In the pub is normal too me. I’m a terrible over thinker and I good bloody everything (daft I no).. but It’s as if I’m itchy my wee starts of dark but gets lighter threw out the day. I don’t no if the itching is in my head because I’m a worrier.. I’m also loosing abit of hair.. I have a few patches but that could be to do woth over use of hair straighteners.. I am going too go for blood tests I have just put them off as I am terrified of needles and the results!

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Hi Hannahbellaa . 👋

Obviously you are terribly worried about your health, and the first thing you may consider doing is not drinking. There are other ways to be social other than by spending time in a pub. I am well aware how very judgemental that sounds but it seems as though, you know your body is beginning to protest, and you are beginning to take notice. Please do go and have the tests done. The needles and results are not as scary as if you ignore your body and carry on drinking. The end result of that could be devastating. Please don't leave it until there is nothing that can be done for you.

I hope I haven't offended you. It's just that I have someone who is very dear to me who suffers from severe liver damage and I know how devastating it is. I would not want you to experience it.

Sending warm wishes,

Cas xx 🌸

Thank you so much and no offence taken what so Ever! I need too heat it.. my mum s booking me a appointment at the doctors for them done.. I won’t do it off my own back threw worry xx

Sounds like your mum is in your corner. 😊 That is absolutely wonderful. Of course you will be worried, that's very natural. But the worry will only multiply if you ignore the issues. It will be okay. You are doing the right thing for you. 👍👏 Take good care and do update us if you wish. *HUG* 🐬🐚

Yeah she is a manager in a drugs and alcohol rebilation clinic so she is pretty clued up! Xx

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Wow ! I'm amazed you were drinking so much for so long then. At least now you will be turning your life around. Well done. All the best xx


Hi Hannahbella. You are drinking way way too much and your body especially your liver is protesting hence the problems you are experiencing. I'm pleased you're going to the doctor and getting checked out. The main thing you must do is stop drinking or at least cut down dramatically before it causes any more problems to your body. You will need to see if you WANT a drink or NEED a drink. If it's NEED, you may need professional help ie councelling as you may be showing signs of addiction. You are still young and deserve to have a long healthy life and no matter what problems may arise throughout your life, drinking alcohol is not going to solve them it will only make things 10 times worse and it causes depression.

Good luck hope you get to where you need to be.

Take care and please let us know how you progress.

Laura x

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I think I WANT a drink as I don’t have withdrawal symptoms if I don’t have it.. I used too have a few days off a week but since the nice weather it’s been ever day! But yes my liver is defanilty screaming! I just worry I have badly damaged it! But I am going too stop drinking as I have met a new partner who doesn’t drink which makes it easier for me too knock it on the head xx

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Alcohol is so so dangerous .... get it out of your life Hannahbella you will be much happier and healthier. Eat healthily too exercise and enjoy life with your new partner. It killed my husband and many many more like him it's just not worth it xx

Get the bloods done hun. It's not great but necessary. Then you'll know what is going on rather than terrify yourself on Google. Been there done that


Hi i used to drink about 60 pints a week, my wife got liver damage had to have a transplant and i gave up drinking to support her, i was one of the lucky ones found it easy to stop even though drank every day for the last 30 years.

some people find it a lot harder i can understand that they are the ones that need a lot of support

All i will say is are you still getting drunk at the end of the night if you are not then there is no point in drinking you drink to get drunk

Still go out with your mates down the pub but drink alcohol free beer or wine that is what i done then i was still doing my normal thing

As above mate if you are not getting drunk no point drinking

I cannot say giving up has changed me at all but my wife giving up due to her transplant has restarted her life she is so much better

Ask some good friends for help they will help you, your so called friends will just make you drink again so bin them and do not go out with them again

Hi,I agree ,life is so precious and so is our health,after drinking from my twenties and ignoring the signs ,the cramps,swollen red hands,unbelievable itching and spider veins in my hands and feet,even agonising pain in my left shoulder,since found out the pain in my shoulder is through a enlarged spleen which presses on a nerve even reading this back I’m like what an idiot for not doing anything about it,so here I am at 49 had two bleeds ,semi blocked portal vein and an appointment at Birmingham transplant hospital for a possible new liver,so in hindsight I’d never have touched a drop,it’s imperative that any sign of health issues you should go the doctors and never touch a drink I’d say for ever but at least till your bloods are done,I’m not the person I was before being diagnosed I wish I’d had this insight and outlook before,but I’m happier now and more content than I’ve ever been.

Hi mate good to hear you are still fighting if you get a new liver and your other stuff is not too bad it will be like a new start,m I went to see my wife the DAY after her transplant and asked who was in her bed i kid you not she looked 10 years younger and that was the next day, it has been a long road to recovery but she is now very nearly back to how she used to be before it all went south.

If they offer it take the transplant with both hands and restart your life.

Hoping it all works out for you mate


First of all, well done for accepting the fact that there’s something wrong. Most people prefer to live in permanent state of denial. Another hip hip hooray for realising the you (your drinking) is the cause of the problem. Hopefully you haven’t already done too much damage already. You need to quit saying things like :

“I will try to stop” and replace it with “I will stop”. I’ve never seen a sign that reads “END OF ROAD. CLIFF AHEAD. TRY TO STOP” Never. It’s simy “STOP!!DANGER AHEAD”

You don’t have to try; you need to STOP to save your life. Don’t do it because of a new man in your life. What if he leaves? Do you drown your sorrows in a bottle or 3 of cheap wine? Do it for you, because you love yourself and choose to put yourself in the best position possible. You’ve started well and caught it before you got too old. I choose to believe that you will be able to go through this. The best part is that we are all here cheering you on. If it gets tough and you meet a monster doctor or nurse who upsets you, I will be here to listen to you rant and rave. I might even throw in a few punches 🥊 🥊 from your corner 😁.

Keep keeping on. You’ll be fine.

Do keep us posted. X

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