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Worried about potential diagnosis


Hello, I had a recent blood test for something unrelated to my liver. No problems health wise that I knew of. However, I have been drinking more than the recommended units regularly for a couple of years. My doctor has asked that I make an appointment to discuss my liver function and serum lipids.

I am terrified and can't get an appointment for weeks. I'm so scared that I could've harmed myself beyond repair.

Is this how most people are diagnosed?


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Blood tests are the standard way to check liver function. If there is a problem you should stop drinking and look at your diet. Eat more healthily. It may be that that is all you need to do. Worrying won’t help anything. I’d try to get into a positive mind set, see how you can make healthy changes and be a bit more active. Then when you see the gp you will already be starting a healthy lifestyle. Good luck, and keep us posted.Isabelle

Thank you. I will change my lifestyle immediately. This is enough of a wake up call for me. I have 2 young children and am now terrified I will be taken away from them.

Should I be getting any supplements? I've read about milk thistle but don't know what this is or whether I should take that?


I wouldn’t bother with supplements unless your dr tells you to have them. I wouldn’t worry about your kids at the moment. Just concentrate on ditching the booze then you’ll be a better parent anyway. Pm me if you wish. I had a drink problem too.

Isabelle xx

Thanks. Haven't really thought of it as having a drink problem but if it has damaged me then yes, it's a problem! I'm so worried

Is it possible that my tests were just slightly abnormal and I haven't damaged my liver. I'm panicking about cirrhosis and that I could really be facing a lifelong illness...that will ultimately kill me and it will have been my fault. How could I be so naive to liver damage. Now I have read all this information I doubt I'll ever want to touch a drop again!

I do not have yellow skin, bleeding, pale stools, dark urine, nausea or extreme tiredness so is it more likely I don't have serious liver damage?

Sorry for all the questions but this is torture waiting to see the doctor and find out. Thanks

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