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Gaynor lowson I can't believe I am the bearer of rubbish news again 😥

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This is posted with the families permission from a liver support group on Facebook I am gutted such a wonderful woman ..

Hi all

You haven’t heard from me or my wife Gaynor Lowson for a while but there’s a reason for that.Gaynor was transplanted January 2017 and her new liver did great.In June of the same year she started with back and womb pain we went to rotherham and Worksop hospitals where we were told she had a bad back due to the operation.Gaynor said she’d had a bad back before but this felt different,it was a dragging feeling in her womb.After a scan she was told she had some small fybroids but it shouldn’t cause this pain,it was radiated pain from her back.

Our local GP wasn’t happy and sent her to the cancer/gynaecologist at Worksop hospital

He told her she was in the wrong clinic as this was for cancer patients and sent her away

Things got much worse over the following months so in January this year I paid for a private scan on her back and the results showed no problems

Immediately I took her to Doncaster hospital who on hearing our plight vowed she wouldn’t be discharged as she had been from Rotherham and Worksop without getting to the bottom of the pain.

She’d lost 2 stone in weight and hadn’t eaten for 7 weeks and they’d still been telling her she had a bad back

The next day the doctors at Doncaster informed us that my wife of 29years at 53 years old had ovarian cancer

She died at 2pm 26/6/18

Ironic thing her new liver was perfect

Moral is ,any transplantees out there ,always push for answers to any problems so you don’t end up like my 3 daughters and me.

Motherless and wifeless

For the record

St James hospital were fantastic

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Oh my dear god. I wondered why she had not been on here, How very very sad .. my condolences to the family RIP Gaynor, see this is why i push and push my doctors and consultants.. Thank you jo hun for letting us know xxx

I still can’t believe this. Second sad lose in as many weeks.

Liver disease and cancer is such a horrible thing. It steals so many precious lives.

My love and thoughts are with her family in this incredibly difficult time.

RIP Gaynor

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Certainly is I can't believe the losses the last few weeks ..


This is SHIT !!! I had quite a few chats with gaynor when I was first diagnosed with cancer around 3 years ago and am ashamed to say I forgot about her as hadn’t chatted for so long 😢

My thoughts are with gaynor and her family


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I know me too ... I will pass your thoughts on to her family x

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We are so sad to read this awful news again.

Gaynor was a wonderful member of the forum and was always so supportive to others.

Deepest condolences from the British Liver Trust Team

OMFG that's really unfair! I sent her a message 3 months ago to check how she was doing after her cancer diagnosis but didn't get a reply... Never thought she'd have deteriorated to this point. Even remember her being so excited about her 1st liversary... RIP Gaynor 😥💔

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It is I can't believe it I still in shock x

Such sad news. Thoughts and prayers for her family x

So so sad. They are all in our thoughts and prayers. With all my love Lynne xxxx

Another tragic loss. So so sad 💔💔

I never chatted with her as still new on here. I am so very sad and sorry that it was not picked up earlier. We all know our body and she obviously knew hers - love and peace to her now and to her family.


What sad news , RIP Gaynor x

How horrible, for both of you. The first diagnosis of the cycsts should have been followed up with a scan. It's so awful, we have to tell our doctors what to do now. I do. I'm so sorry that you and your wife had to experience the ineptness of physicians that lead to her death. Unforgivable.

How very sad and absolutely shocking. To think the lady and her family went through all that,It's a great pity Drs.dont seem to listen to their patients anymore.

I didn't know the lady before my time on here but my heart goes out to them.


I do know that it's hard to lose a soulmate

My thoughts are with you stay busy

Awful jojo ☹ I remember the lady's name but we never talked. How sad that she went through all that she did and then for that to happen, cruel... it justifies to me that I'm right to push, they're not always right. Thoughts and love to her family. Xxxx

Christ... Rest now lovely lady, your pain is over. Blessed Be Gaynor.

From the bottom of my heart I'm speechless ,

I'm so sorry .

I have the upmost respect for you for that you are posting it everywhere . Thank you

More sad news.Another lovely lady gone

Hi jojokarak,

Thank you for letting people know.

I'm not sure I ever "spoke" with Gaynor, but my deepest sympathies are with her family.

Some times it feels like doctors ignore what they shouldn't and over test for minor things, I wish medicine and those who practice it were more consistent and always paid attention to their patients and their patient's families.

Best wishes to you also, jojo.


This is so si sad. Heartfelt love and prayers to you all.

Nearly 8 years ago we were battling with my Mum's Dr to listen to us as we knew there was something terribly wrong with my dear Mum. After battling for some time we ended up at a and e , we said my Mum can't go on like this. We'd had enough. We were informed that morning in a and e that my Mum had got pancreatic, liver and lung cancer. She sadly died the following night in hispy. Oh, how I wished they'd listened when my Mum went to her Dr with a cough. Please, please, please badger your drs and consultants to listen to you and help you. Sorry, for telling you my Mum's story but I wanted you all not feel bad when mithering your Dr!! Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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