Transplant time

Wife got the phone call yesterday they had a liver get to the hospital now, she got there after a 2 hour drive an hour later told the liver was no good and to go home got 30 mins away phone rang we have another liver get back here, she got back to the hospital then told the second liver was also no good and to go back home.

Hopefully third time lucky  

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  • Sorry to heat about that, stay positive it will happen and I hope it's soon. Good luck to you both..

  • Really sorry to hear this hope your wife not to discuss heartened.   And like you say it will be 3Rd time lucky 🍀 

  • Dear Dave,

    My husband was 5th time lucky for his first transplant... They do all sorts of tests to make sure the liver is good and healthy so you would rather have a good quality one than anything else. 

    Here's sending lots of positive energy your way. 

    Keep positive - the call will come soon.


  • So sorry glad I never went through that  but keep the chin up won't be long at least you no there on the case your next 🙏🙏🙏GOODLUCK 

  • Hi Dave,

    So sorry to hear about that.

    Your wife must not despair. As Pear says you would rather transplant a liver that is perfect for your wife than one that's just OK!

    The tests on the liver do take time and the tests they will preform on your wife will take time. If something is slightly nor right with either I'm sure they will not do the transplant.

    It must all come together at the same time! It will soon enough.

    On a positive note she is on the list and she has had calls already!

    Fingers crossed for you both and the very best of good luck for the next time she gets the call.

    Berties xxx

  • It must be so hard, I am very sorry. But at least you know when she does get one it will be the right one. The one made especially for her.

    Cheering you on!

  • Yay! So nice to see you on here!  I've been wondering how you were. Just here supporting others- typical of you!! 



  • Awwww, hugs you. Nods, I've got some personal things I'm trying to wade through. And physical, post transplant  but I'll be ok!

    Hope your doing well!



  • So sorry it must be so very hard. She will get one & the right one. Third time lucky for her xx

  • Hi keep strong and hopefully it will be third time lucky. My transplant was the the third one and and, Pear said it is best to get a good one. I have called mine David and he has been fantastic. stay positive and good luck. xx

  • Many thanks for all of your kind words it does make us feel better, it is a bit hard to keep happy and wait but as you all said better to get the correct good one than one that has a few problems.

    Thanks again make us feel not quite so alone

  • Also forgot to say she has only been on the transplant list 5 weeks so it happened a lot quicker that we expected to get the first call

  • Exactly - I was listed two weeks to the day when the call came,after that everything went like clockwork. Going home tomorrow.

  • Good for you hope all has gone well which hospital are you at

  • Royal Free, ward 9 North

  • Hope everything went as you wanted to and you have a speedy recovery

    My wife is at Addenbrooks they have treated her very well so hoping when she does get the transplant they keep up there good work

  • Feel for must be such a bag of mixed emotions, as someone said, it must be near if they have had 2 that were matches but not quite strong...

  • 3rd time lucky for me, hopefully she wont have to wait too long.

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