Transplant has happened update

Hi they kept the wife sedated all day yesterday rang the hospital this morning was told she was okay and they let me talk to her, I was over the moon.

Got to the hospital to visit her she was out cold high pain killer dose, doctor comes to see us and we get told the liver has failed and is not working.

So it all starts again we now wait for another liver but we were told she is head of the list in the whole of the UK so hopefully it will not be long.

Do not think she understands what is happening at all she did not recover enough

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  • Really, really sorry to hear that Dave. You are both in my thoughts and prayers and hopefully a new liver can be found quickly.

    Lots of love, Katie xx

  • So sorry to hear that, I have my fingers crossed for you that she gets another liver soon.

    Claire x

  • Hope all goes well. Thinking of you all

  • Can only add my thoughts are with you also.xx

  • Good luck. Thats very hard.

  • Thoughts and prayers to you both. If she is top of list should be strong


  • So sorry to hear that Dave. Thinking of you both and hoping a new liver is found soon.


  • Best of luck to both of you. What a crushing disappointment.

  • Wishing you both all the luck I can for a good outcome here.

  • Thanks for all of your replies it is nice to have someone to talk to, trying to stay strong for my kids but it is getting harder

    Addenbrooks have come up with two more livers from somewhere but they both turned out to be incorrect/no good

    So we still sit here worried

  • Hope this helps. I was recovering on the ward after my transplant, In the opposite bed was a man who was recovering from two transplants within four days. He had been sedated after the first failed as he waited for another suitable liver to become available. He was discharged before i was as he was doing so well. He appeared no worse than those who had a successful transplant first time round.

  • U poor thing my hubby could b going throigh this sometime in the future ...watching on i will b very sure if she was in any fit state to say it she would sayimg thankyou for beimg by her side.crossed fingers all goes well with no 2. Cazer.x

  • I'm so sorry. Hoping she gets a liver soon. Super urgent list is pretty fast. Thinking of you.

  • Been thinking of your wife and you and your family all day. Hope she gets her 2nd liver transplant real soon. Sending positive hugs to you all 💞

  • Thought they had another liver today but that did not happen

    Everyday it gets a bit harder to keep going

  • Dave, I feel your pain as I'm sure we all do here.

    Please keep us updated if you can.

    Love and best wishes to you both.

    Mike X

  • Sorry to hear, still hope though and if she's top of the list that's got to be on your side. I had a few liver offers apparently whilst ill that were inappropriate and they will want the best one for her to ensure it lasts for a long time, it's the combo of factors such as blood type, size, age, (donors lifestyle and health) and whether from dbd or dcd donor. Keeping fingers crossed for you. Xx

  • Hi many thanks for all of your kind words they help me alot.

    Latest news they found another liver and she went in for the 2nd transplant at 2:00 last night, she was back in ICU at 13:00 and she spoke to me on the phone at 18:00

    I was very surprised and very very happy.

    Just got to wait a while to see if this one works correctly fingers and everything else crossed

  • Brilliant news - stay positive.

  • This is great news Dave, it must be so hard for you both. I really do appreciate your letting us know.

    Please remember to look after yourself.


  • So happy to read this!! Wishing her speedy recovery.

  • Hi went to see her today and she looked good she knew what was going on and held a conversation I am over the moon every now and then she tripped out a bit and lost reality but I think it is due to the pain killers that they are pumping in to her.

    And to make it a great day they are going to move her out of ITU and into HDU so to me that is a big step forward

    Thanks for all of you keeping me going I did need it

  • That's fantastic, so glad she is making progress, fingers crossed for a good recovery this time round.

    We've been thinking of you both ALOT.

    All the best, Katie xx

  • That is such good news Dave, I've been logging in every few hours to check for updates.

    The morphine is much needed for the pain but it does tend to mess with your head a bit. I was seeing people inside the light fittings and talking to them. Please don't worry about that though, it'll get better when she comes off the morphine.

    Don't forget to look after yourself and try to get some sleep.

    Best wishes to you and your lovely family.


  • Hi they moved her from ITU to HDU and now they have moved her from HDU to a normal ward she looks fantastic I think she looks about 10 years younger my five year old grandson went to visit her saw her was super happy went up and kissed her which he has not done for a while and told her 'nanny you look very good' which made her day

    I am over the moon it looks like her recovery is going at a great pace she might be home soon fingers crossed

  • What a relief! So glad things are going well, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

  • This is great news Dave. My op was for fairly straightforward and I was Home by 10days. She will be off the morphine any time now and probably on the paracetamol and tramadol (and maybe oromorph at night).

    Just a thought, If the pain is an issue, they won't let you have a hot water bottle but my wife got me several of those heat pads (with the clicker inside) which helped with the pain.

    You both deserve a speedy recovery after all you've been through.


  • I'm so pleased to read that your wife is doing so well Dave 👍🏼 even though I have not met you, I'm sure like all of us on here, we can tell even from your messages how relieved you are that the 2nd operation has gone so well.

    Wishing your wife, you and your family lots of love and support as she continues to recover and become stronger.

    Nicki 💞

  • Hi just been called by the hospital my wife has took a very bad turn overnight and they want me in there now to talk with the doctors

    To me it does not sound good


  • Sending prayers Dave. xx

  • Oh mate, thank you so much for taking the time to let us know. I really feel for you both, you so don't deserve this. This transplant rollercoaster just isn't fair.

    Please try to stay strong Dave.


  • Just been at the hospital her O2 in the blood went bad last night then she had some fits, they have done scans and xrays and said she has an accumulation of fluid in the stomach and she has an infection they are fumping full of stuff to get it all correct.

    She is back in ITU fully sedated and on a ventilator

    We now all wait and are all worried but I am trying to stay strong and think this is all stuff that can happen after TWO major surgeries

  • There are no words but we are all thinking of and here for you both.

  • Thinking of you x

  • Thinking of you and your wife :)

  • Hi been back today and she is awake and looking quite good and now eating which to me is a good sign, they might let her out of ITU tomorrow I will let you al know


  • That's great, yes, eating is a good sign. Even if it's only a few mouthfuls at first. It sounds like she is being well looked after. You must both be exhausted.

    Take care Dave.


  • Hi all gone bad again she is back in ITU fluid on the lungs the hospital have said it could be due to the pneumonia that she had to go back to ITU last time or it could be something to do with the drugs they have been giving her.

    Fingers crossed she will be out of ITU soon and on the road to recovery.

    The good thing at this time is they are telling us that the new liver is working fine and these problems are just small little hiccups, but they feel bigger than a hiccup to me

    Thanks to you all

  • Oh mate, when you've been through what you have already, you must be dreading every phone call and conversation.

    The main thing is that the liver is working fine, you just have to trust them when they say that these are little hiccups, even if it doesn't feel like it.

    It's so hard to see those we love suffering.


  • When I was recovering from my transplant the was a really nice man in the opposite bed recovering from his second transplant in one week! At first he was hard to communicate with. He had no memory of the previous month and often seemed confused. Two weeks later he was discharde before I was ! Took time before I realised what an intelligent and lovely man he was. But as he slowly came round from what compared to mine must have been a dreadful situation, he absolutely shone.

    So take comfort from what happened to him and know its the same journey as ours but just a bit harder than for most of us.

    Hope all goes well.


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