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Health travel insurance for my Husband

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Hi I'm hoping to get some advice about getting travel insurance for my husband. he has liver disease with all the added complications. We are going away to Europe for two weeks and the cheapest health insurance he can find is going to cost £500 just for that one trip!!

Does anyone know where we might get a better deal?

Kind regards

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Look down the route of annual insurance. It might be cheaper. Use a broker. I live in France and regularly travel to the U.K. and Germany as our kids are both studying abroad. I have an annual Europe insurance with Mondial Assistance for 131 euros (£115). In the U.K. they are Allianz Global Assistance. I have their Optimum cover, which includes pre-existing medical conditions. You must have an up to date EHIC card though if going to an EU country. I have no idea if their cover is as inexpensive in the U.K. It might be worth giving them a call. Good luck and Bon Voyage!

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I forgot to say I am a transplantee.

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Please find attached below our web link to the current list of companies who cover chronic medical conditions and whilst we are unable to guarantee they cover every liver condition, we do hope you will be able to find one amongst them able to help you.

We would also suggest that your husband is medically assessed by his liver specialist prior to the holiday to ensure he is medically safe to fly/ travel.

Best wishes


Hi, i got a years cover for Europe for £17.15 with Coversure. It is much much cheaper to get a year cover than specifuc dates. When i checked prices for 4 days to Spain it was around £175 and upwards!

My health conditions were cirrhosis and varices.

Their number is 01903 255 652 and they were the cheapest i could find.

Charlotte x

Try looking at the EHIC enhanced card it pretty much covers everything.

Best wishes


You are lucky to be even offered insurance with all the complications of liver disease. We weren't able to get it until well after transplant.

In fact I would have been worried about foreign travel when my husband was at that stage. In actual fact mine became decompensated whilst in Egypt. Gained 22 pounds without even eating. Managed to get back on flight by keeping quiet. Transplant followed later that year. So if you are being offered it and can afford it take it up. You ,never know how long it will be before you will be able to travel again. It was nearly five years for us with all the complications that followed the transplant.

I just arranged Travel insurance to the United States with SAGA. By far the lowest premium with my pre-existing conditions. I am 11 months post transplant. Still not cheap though at £245 for 1 week.

Hello newife, it might be worth going on the internet for this company:

You type in your medical condition and they will quote you. There is also:

Hope this helps.

Any update? I’m going to try to get insurance tomorrow for my first break after transplant.

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Liver ward doctor told me when I asked to try AVIVA

For the record, I'm 1 year 1 month post transplant and I just got 13 days of insurance for Europe via for £200.

I'm in a hurry and only tried 2 places, they charge about the same.

If you get a quote that is phenomenally less then you probably have been mis-sold some lesser product, if you have to claim then you'll be in trouble.

One year after transplant my husband and I got an annual insurance for £89 with covers europe though.

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