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Bad language


Hi everyone

We've had to edit a few posts lately because of bad language.

Can we therefore please remind you all not to use swear words and bad language in your posts as it is very offensive to some and is not in the spirit of the forum.

We totally understand your frustrations at times but please be aware of others sensitivities and feelings.

Many thanks for your understanding.

British Liver Trust admin team

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Thanks for that,it's getting very abusive on this site. I believe a couple of people are on here just to cause trouble.

Hi i may be one of the people who have swore in recent posts msgs etc and i apologise but yes was getting annoyed and frustrated on here so i did swear. I will try and keep my language clean and not swear. My apologies x

Don’t get annoyed and frustrated .....just listen to what you’ve been told by people who know a lot more than you and take heed. If you dont want to learn from other people’s experience then no point being on this forum . Apologies accepted however....

Guilty sorry I said s×××e will say poo next time if thats exceptable, my vocabulary is not the best at the best of times,can even spell it wrong when using spell check.

For once I actually think I’m innocent on this occasion. For someone who has the vocabulary of an “East End Docker”, but agree that it is unacceptable. New people visit all the time and when there is a spat going on could be discouraged from hanging around. We as members should also step in and curb the arguments without taking sides, just remind them we are all here for the same reason. And we can also learn from everybody’s experience.


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I hope there are no east end dockers on here !!! xx 😂

Barnetaccounts in reply to Hidden

My language at times could be described as “industrial” at best. After my failed transplant I was eventually transferred to a single room as imminent death was still a massive possibility. I had various visits from hepatologist, clinical specialists etc. The most memorable to me and most embarrassing to my wife were the palliative care people who asked me where I wanted to spend my last days either at home or in a hospice. Despite just regaining consciousness from a 12 day coma, I took exception to the condescending way they speak. At that point I unleashed both barrels and they retreated with haste, whilst frantically consulting a dictionary for words that were completely new to them. I think that was the first indication everybody had that I was ready to fight for my life.

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Brilliant 👍

Hi, Well said. Sometimes it can seem like the only pressure releasing response available, and even if it's not helpful to the situation, or is maybe hurtful to the (in your case thoughtless and insensitive) recipients, by golly it can feel good!

I do agree - absolutely - that it's better if bad language is not used on here, but I do feel for all those who are debarred from joining in this community by all sort of other literacy issues.

Hi Barnetaccounts,

I am now totally curious about "East End Dockers" and what words one would need a dictionary for.

We live in the U.S. and I do understand that our English isn't British English so now I am deeply intrigued :-)

While I do understand that some people are more sensitive to "bad words" I heard more swearing working in an office with young women than I heard when working at a factory. I figure if I don't care for the language someone is using I skip their post. A lot of people who post here are dealing with a lot. I have more problem with those people who seem to enjoy agravating others for no good reason or those who object to language when the person posting seems to be in a painful place.

Best wishes to you.


GrittyReads in reply to Hidden

I know East End dockers will be few and far between - the docks having largely disappeared. However, if there are any of them out there with liver conditions, then I do hope that they are on here!!


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Now that would be an interesting read !


Hello, glad you put that. I am really new on here, though on another Forum also. I was finding this one a tad upsetting and too argumentative which was deviating from the serious issue we have going on. Arguing is not conducive to helping each other! We don't need it. Please don't argue peeps, we are all in it together and need each other; we all react differently to situations, meds, treatments etc but we can all learn from each other. That is the point of forums like this.

Sincere best regards to all.


AyrshireK in reply to sunnysmile

Got to say sunnysmile that the recent posts which have gone a bit haywire and been rather argumentative are very unusual for this forum, generally it is a very, very supportive and easy flowing forum.


Many thanks for that, as I for one find it abhorrent and unecessary. We are all here for good reason. and there's no need for it, or personal verbal abuse.


Yes, it's been quite upsetting at times. Yet those who are struggling have been told they shouldn't be on here! Along with the blatant criticism and judgement. None of us are experts or know what's best for anyone else.

Mags72 in reply to AnnaTT

Agree Anna, all of us are entitled to be on here, with our different views and while I totally understand a lot of the lovely people on here are trying to help others it's not always possible so should then just leave it be, give your opinion n advice and move on. Life's to short for playground stuff. Hope your well today Anna n have a good day😁x

AnnaTT in reply to Mags72

Hi love, well said! It's difficult knowing what to say to help someone you don't know. We can only try and from the heart. I've felt supported on here and met some lovely people - feel fortunate. Obviously you're one of them! Hope you're having a lovely day, thanks for replying 😁 xx

Thank you for that. Have generally found this forum a good place to come and share experiences but the last couple of weeks some posts have become quite fractious. We are all here because we have problems with our livers and we are concerned. Some of us are at the start of our liver “journey” and want advice others are post transplant or have been coping with illness for years and are in a position to give excellent advice. Let’s just show each other the respect we deserve.

This is Big Brother. You are live on channel 4. Please do not swear lol.

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( chanel 5 now !! )

Brett11 in reply to Hidden

Is Davinia what’s her name still on it?

Smyally in reply to Brett11

No. I think it’s Emma Willis

Brett11 in reply to Smyally

That’s a pitty! What about Dermont O’Leary?

Dermot o’dreary still does Xfactor

Hi Mary, There’s swearing and there’s swearing. Think of it like an attack of Tourette’s without the tics ( not making light of that illness). My wife is convinced I was born without a filter, as soon as I have the thought, the words are out. In this PC world and everybody’s god given right to be offended I am thought of as a bit of a Neanderthal.i grew up in the era of speaking your mind. I never try to upset people on purpose but am often amazed how some people lived long enough to reach puberty. So in answer to your question there is more ways to say what’s on your mind. And just for clarity I was brought up in the East End of London where a lot of people spoke cockney.


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