Very bad moods

Hi I have a problem with my liver but don't know exactly what it is till I see consultant on the 30th of this month. I have had to have tablets prescribed for really bad itching and the swelling on my stomach legs and feet. I am really looking for a bit help a I am getting so bad tempered at times and this is just not the normal me. I am at crying stages after the temper subsides. Please can anyone tell me if this is associated with the liver.

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  • I would guess your temper and low mood are more to do with finding yourself poorly just now rather than as a direct link with your liver ill health. Lots of folks who are poorly get quite frustrated, upset and angry with the limitations ill health brings.

    Fingers crossed you get proper answers and progress after your appointment on the 30th.

    All the best, Katie :)

  • Many thanks for that Katie I really appreciate it xx

  • No worries, sadly even after nearly 5 years diagnosed my hubby still has very, very low periods - he saw the psychiatrist at the liver transplant unit who said he had 'adjustment depression' - it's a huge thing to suddenly find out you are so poorly. Hubbies life has literally been turned upside down and in fact halted really, not ill enough for transplant and too ill to live normally. It does take a bit of adjusting too.

    Anyway, best wishes to you for answers and some improvement.

    Katie x

  • ayeshirek its is frustrating waiting i was the same cant go anywhere exhausted most of time liver funtion low but working as you say not bad enough for transplant but it affects day to day living and you need tobe healthy for transplant catch 22

  • I think could be your liver condition but if its sudden do the pills have any side effects?

  • I am going to ask about that today when I see my GP Nala as I really can't handle it. Many thanks for your reply x

  • Hi you are at the frustrating tme y me people with liver poblems urgent to ticking over and waiting its easy to say it but be strong ,i had colitis for40 yearrs sort of coped ups & downs enjoyed 80% heath in that time kept working despite embaresing moments till it started knocking my liver out in 2012 started blown pregnant stomach im male! swollen legs feet lots of asities draining 10/12 ltrs every ten days for 2&half years had a tips opp took year to kick in then no more drainig forward to xmas 2016 had transplant doing ok kings in london pro team &support i feel so lucky &still cant belive it early days but ok its a vast subject ever BODY different so many varibles good luck with consultant be strong regards dez

  • Many thanks Dez I feel as though I am at the end of my tether but when I read how all of you have coped on here I feel ashamed feeling like this. I could understand going through this if I had of abused my body but I haven't and I am really finding it very hard to cope. Keep feeling well it's wonderful to hear someone is going strong. Good luck for the future x

  • try not to worry we are all blind in the berginig. and as i said everones different hope fully with meds &low salt diet you will be ok the wating game telllme about it keep pushing Dez

  • I think it could be a lot about the worry as well Dez but I really don't like the way I feel as I am shutting everyone out to be on my own as I don't want to say things to them with the anger. I don't want to take it out on anyone else for the way I am feeling and people just can't understand this. X

  • well the best remedy get in afield or noisey m/ wy and shout as loud as you can ,in my early days off colitus my mood swings were not good i was in cornwall at the time any time off night i would get in car drive like a maniac playing jimmy hendricks manic depressing loud as i could after half and hour i would go to sleep ps if you would like to talk to me you can Dez

  • famamales

  • family are much stronger than you think ,at the moment im only talking on phone &computer you love people cant stand them for long , my girlfriend hasnt scene me for three weeks because iv lossed 2 stone in weight i look like prison camp inmate but it slowly creeping up she stresses easily

  • I might try the car journey Dez. Sadly I have no family my other 3 siblings passed away in there 40s and both my parents so I am totally on my own. It is my friends that I try to shut out and I no I shouldn't as they are great. Please take all the love and comfort you can from your girlfriend she must be so worried about you. Keep well Dez and thank you.

  • its not easy for you have you got close fr.iends ,you need to bonce off people to give you strength. even if you only open up to just one ,i you need the strength to help you through this ,losing familly at young age is hard ,my friend lossed her daugther at 34 totally grief her life changed , life now is not good she was a lovely girl with two children ,be strong talk to friends find the inner you Des


  • jeffnet1967 - would you please send your replies in lower case? - you speak a lot of sense and are very helpful but it hurts my eyes (which are not very good) to read your messages in block capitals. Please forgive my cheekiness but i'm not much of a livewire! Best wishes to all.

  • sorry but my vision is not very good. i need the caps too see what im typing. reason is copper builds up in eyes in a very small number of cirrhosis pts.

  • So sorry, Jeff, I must have got out of bed the wrong side that day (bolshy mood!). Eyes are very precious things and we must all do the best we can for our own visual problems - you are right. Let us all see clearly what we must do - best wishes.

  • Liver problems can cause a lack of certain vitamins like vitamin D which can cause low mood, as well as the fact the itching and other uncomfortable and painful things your body is going through. A change in mood could also indicate liver problems if the toxins aren't being removed then it can alter your brain function. Explain all your symptoms to your consultant and theu will prescribe what's best. Usually they give lactulose and other oral powders in order to help remove the toxins that cause the itching and other symptoms. Antihistamines sometimes help the itching by the way.

    Stay strong I know it's not easy but hopefully they will find out what's wrong soon and make sure you describe all your symptoms and as as many questions as you need to.


  • Thank you Rachel I have been writing things down for when I see the Consultant and my GP has prescribed fexofenadine 2 weeks ago. I still scratch but not as much but these moods really scare me. Many thanks x

  • It's good that you're aware of how you're feeling. Make sure you're open with the people around you and they will help by being understanding and supportive. We all realise this with my dad's moods now and we just allow him time to calm down and try to make things easier for him by being supportive where we can. Hope things improve and keep posting on here as this group us also very helpful x

  • Thank you Rachel I have been prescribed Mirtazapine today by my GP and she is writing to the Consultant to tell him all the other symptoms that have appeared to do with the liver as well before I see him on the 30. I am honestly so greatful to have found this group as without the help from the lovely people on here I think I would be climbing the walls now x

  • Hi, the liver helps with the process of your hormones, this could cause you to become more emotional, I myself became more emotional. I got angry, frustrated and upset more than I used to. Your behaviour could also be affected because you have found out you have a problem, this is normal when first told. I hope this helped and I hope you appointment with your consultant goes well. Don't be afraid to ask me any other questions, I have been the full length and have had a liver transplant, the main thing is to keep your chin up and try and remain positive.

  • Many thanks cjm I do try to stay positive but even if someone calls me on the phone I could scream the least little thing sets me off. I feel I want to lock myself in the house and only go out when I need the Doctor. I have been on antidepressants for sometime now x

  • Hi, I was really depressed during my first year of college, I didn't want to leave the house, I felt there was no point, I stopped going college. It is very hard especially if you aren't feeling 100%, so I think when you are well enough, is to do as much as you can, keep your mind busy, that's what I eventually did and I focused on my career and got myself an apprenticeship. As my mum says all ways look on the bright side of life.

  • hi kitty

    there now 11 replies offering advice empathy and hope just for you kitty be happier?

    as for the swelling it may not be asites and the itching could be from tight skin the mrs has described it as a bad itch is under her skin

    but you do need to get it sorted

  • Thank you Carllovat I see my GP every 2 weeks since I fractured my pelvis in 2 places in September this is how they found the trouble with my liver and my spleen. I just wish my moods would change to calm instead of all this anger. Many thanks x

  • Yes the mood swings before my husband found out he had cirrhosis he was so mean I was gonna leave him we found out he was sick they are meds you can take for your mood swings he made it 2 years he made his first evaluation for a transplant but didn't make it to the second he went to emory in atlanta I think they waited to long to send him but he was never in no pain because I prayed hard all the time for him not to hurt so I'm praying for you push for evaluation for transplant

  • Thank you so much Added. I am so sorry about your husband that must be very hard for you to take especially after all your help and prayers. My GP has prescribed Mirtazapine for me today and she is also writing directly to the Consultant I am seeing on the 30 of this month to tell him all the other symptoms I have that she also thinks is all to do with my liver just incase I forget to mention them all so that it might help with what they will decide to do with the symptoms the CT and the MRI results altogether. Many many thanks for your prayers I truly appreciate your kindness xx

  • My hubby was exactly the same then he discovered he had a problem with his liver, so I think they may be linked - the liver does so much the symptoms are very broad.

    Also like others have said, you are frustrated becasue you know you're poorly and don't yet know what that means or what might happen on your journey of recovery.

    I can see you know what you need to do ref talking to docs etc, so I'm sure you will start to get answers.


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