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Urgent advise asap please as I got GP appointment

Finally got GP emergency appointment I got so many different. Diagnosis from head to to life long but over the last few days everything is hurting hip leg longer foot dropped . Head to many different thing flaring up together I'm frightens as the confusion of liver I'm still ill so with me ADHD it's hard .

Had eye test yesterday he could not see nothing wrong but go to GP I told him blood sugar home test kit is showing far to high .

Me main vein in arm is very raised throbs shoulder pain then every vein flares whole body chest pain then goes but this is happening every day I been waiting weeks to see GP and I'm worried as I am sleeping constant .IM really scared I need to cut it short but to many serious things

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Please tell your GP what you've told us. Doi not leave his/her surgery until they listen and do something for you.Try to stay calm if you can. Please take care. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx


Thank you for getting back to me I'm getting worse . And today they gotta do something. I write down as I forgot about me other bits that's wrong . Biggest Hugs thank you .


Have you seen them yet xxxx



How did you go on at the DRS? Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Same old don't no dr she is confused as the last dr I told her the neglect me sugar blood 16.2 highest 21 two hours after food I been given stonger gastric tablets and said in the next two months get you blood test and I have to make appointment for ultrasound had it last week but she said for me own price I got liver function tests the

The panic stuttering started as I asked her I have no one that when I'm told if parole board lets him out after 11yrs that I go in shock like last time but this year body's worse sorry I getting tested over for the mistakes they making.

lot but then


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