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Got my results on Friday


My bloods came back excellent. My MELD score is 4. Something, my CHILD PUGH is now 1. I had to teach my GP what the last 2 are. He had never heard of them before. I asked him if I could drive a car. He said yes. That’s strange I said. His response was why. I said that I could never drive beforehand hahaha.

So it’s all good for now but that can change in a heartbeat. That’s the nature of the game with cirrhosis. I may need An IV fluid drip soon as I have put on another 5kg of fluid. I’m now 100kg and I should be 95kg so the liver doctor tells me. I can’t get a tap as my stomach fluid is in small pockets and not one mass.



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You did make a miserable old women laugh about car I must been completely of me trolley I got told of for going on and I don't know what I was saying

Faithfull in reply to Faithfull

Oh yes fantastic news

Brett11 in reply to Faithfull

Thanks for that. There can be smiles amongst misery.

BSA-3 in reply to Faithfull

You're a star ! 😁

That’s great news. I laughed about the driving as well. Always good to keep as sense of humour

My sense of humour is what keeps me going, if I didn't laugh I'd cry. just found out have hypothyroidism on top of the cirrhosis, gallstones and numerous other stuff. Funnily enough it was finding out I have to start wearing surgical stockings that made me cry.

Brett11 in reply to missunites

Surgical stockings lol. I have to have them every time I’m in hospital.

Faithfull in reply to missunites

Keep your sense of humour my humour me ADHD keeps me going don't where me sense is though? Love to all xxx

It’s funny though, it’s never just cirrhosis. It’s all the other things that tag along with it. Hernias, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis. The list goes on and on. You just come to terms with a new dramatic disease then another one bites you on the bum saying “hello, I’m here to ruin your life just a little bit more”

They won’t take no as an answer lol



missunites in reply to Brett11

I just say what's next bring it on (I like a challenge lol)


mauschen in reply to Brett11

When I go to see the consultants, I aways feel as though it’s a case of “ you buy one, you get one free”:-) I now have a shopping list of diagnosis.

Brett11 in reply to mauschen

Me also. I think I have every pill ever invented in my bathroom cabinet. I am only on 4 pills a day now to stay alive oh, and one rather nice sleeping pill lol. The sleeping pill is now my friend haha. After all the strange side effects wore off. I tell you, there were quite a lot of vivid and strange dreams to begin with.

mauschen in reply to Brett11

Lucky you😂 I am almost comatosed when I sleep so never remember any dreams ... in fact I don‘t remember much🤔

I am on 16 tablets and 2 inhalers per day, CPAP machine at night and 1 injection per month. I believe it’s the medication that caused my liver disease but hey ho, if I stop them then I die of something else.

I am type 2 diabetic and after Christmas I decided to do low carb to lose weight and get off the insulin. A couple of months later I went to the gp to have my annual diabetic bloods taken and to brag about stopping the insulin. A week later I got a letter saying to go back to see the gp. She told me that I was anaemic and that the tests suggested that I had myeloma ( blood cancer). She then said " you look upset are you ok?) She then referred me on the 2 week cancer pathway to see the haematologist who arranged for a liver scan and a colonoscopy and gastroscopy for a few days later. In the meantime I'd rung the gp to check the further results for myeloma and she just casually said " oh you haven't got blood cancer". Nice of her to let me know. I went back two weeks after the liver scan and 'oscopies and she read through the reports and mentioned cirrhosis and varices. I stopped her at that point and said "did you just say cirrhosis?) At which point she said oh didn't you know? I started to cry and she just handed me a paper towel and said come back to see me in 8 weeks. I left her surgery heartbroken and she made no attempt to help or console me.

I contacted the practice manager the next day and complained. I told them that she needs training in empathy and bedside manner. Since then the senior doctor has rung me twice to check how I am and to give me advice.

Sorry for the long, rambling post😊 Deb

Nice one Brett 😂 I'll have to remember that one for my upcoming appt. with the consultant.

Though when I asked the sonographer at the last ultrasound if she could see the babys heartbeat, it didn't go down too well! (Think they'd heard that one a thousand times before)

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