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Operation Done


After the transplant have been on the main ward two days now.

I am walking about a bit feeling up and down, but hell this time last week I had a knackered liver

A great bunch of fellow transplant friends who all had the same surgeon

We are a bit like naughty children

Taking each day one at a time, but so far so good

For those still waiting, it does happen keep the faith


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So glad to hear david.. yes i remember your post last Sunday. Off to QE ! .. wishing you a speedy recovery.. linda

All the best, and you wishing you a speedy recovery :-) Lynda x

Great stuff. Fantastic news that you have been up already it took me about two weeks to get up lol. I was so full of fluid i looked like a beached whale with big water blister on my toes.. lol. (I called my new liver David and he is just great)

We all have different recover times but get there in the end, the thing is don't rush it, take your time and enjoy the rest if you life.

Good luck and stay smiling. X😁

Faithfull in reply to dizzime

Your smile looks like mr angry

dizzime in reply to Faithfull

😃😃better ? Lol

Isabelle2 in reply to dizzime

My new liver I call O'Liver. He's great!


Well done David, I too remember how bossy those physiotherapists can be. But after lying on those hospital beds for a few days it's good to be up and horizontal again. Those walks along the corridors were like trying to climb Everest, I used to get so out of breath, now I could run up and down as if I was in my second youth.

For me, the emotional side of things were just as strong, and I found the whole experience very emotional, I personally, was racked with guilt and an overwhelming feeling of unworthiness.

Time is a great healer, and I'm glad to say the both my body and emotional spirit are getting along just fine. Just wish the wife would try and keep up with me... knacker old git. (Bless her)

Good luck to you sir.


david5354 in reply to Hidden

You are so right!

Its the emotional thing I have yet to sort

Thanks for your comments


Faithfull in reply to Hidden

Alright Richard I got discharged from gastro then a letter saying once and for all we will no unlikely cirrohosis it's all long but I'd been diagnosed early cirrhosis one yr ago so I don't no results it's a disgrace I'm on the complaints but wat good it's done nothing and why am I iller so confused

Well done. Onwards and upwards. Take it easy and before you know it you’ll be home.

Excellent David’s one day at a time as you say. Your be out causing trouble in the ‘real’ world before soon!! X

What fantastic news don't no you but it's really good to here

Oh fantastic news that your up and about as such ! Keep up the good work


Brilliant news!!, You've done so well

Good to hear your recovery post transplant is going well. I remember my brother taking weeks after his first transplant to get up and about though it has been a lot quicker second time around. I hope things continue to go well, and be assured that you are being well looked after.

Brilliant News. I am quite new to this site, my husband has been diagnosed only this year. From reading your posts I see you have had a long journey to get to this point. Well done for hanging in there and wish you all the best for a full recovery. JX

Good to hear that David. I had a transplant 5 months ago. Everything has progressed very well with fantastic support from Kings College Hospital. The experience I have is that follow up care from my GP surgery is not great because of lack of experience of transplant patients.

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