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PIP Claim quesiton


Me again....

So, my “Ernie the Hernia” is causing me soooo much pain (not enough for A&E) but it’s 24/7 now with things it’s restricting me from doing.

I’m not moaning as I’m blessed and lucky that my new liver is functioning perfectly.

I can’t even grate cheese anymore, lift anything heavy out the oven, need help cooking a meal etc as it hurts my side so much. Being right handed hernia on right hand side is the problem.

Was considering applying for PIP. Not based on having liver transplant last year as I recovered well from that but the fact is I am unfit for working, waiting for an operation confirmed by my hospital and then once have the operation, need to recover.

Has anyone tried claiming PIP with a similar situation where your waiting for an operation and your health is affecting your daily living?

I can’t claim JSA as I can’t actively look for work as I’m unfit for work. I know PIP is bloody hard for people to get awarded.

Not back at my transplant hospital until July but I do have letter from surgery team confirmed I have the hernia, size of it and it needs operating on. I also have had IBS for over 20 years and now my bowel is confirmed as poking through the hernia, this is also causing me so much pain.

Sorry to,go into detail but thought I would turn to you guys to see if anyone experienced anything similar to this.

It’s getting me down. I don’t have a money tree in my garden and don’t know when my operation will be let alone recovering from it.

Feel free to private message me if you don’t want to reply to post.

Grateful for feedback.

Nicki x

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Hi if you are unable to work you should be able to claim esa and be put in the Support group.

Very good site to join which helped us is benefits and work only costs around £20 per year and helps enormously when making a claim.

My hubby had transplant and hernia issues and got paid.

Google luck

You will certainly get an award if you claim for PIP, Remember though it is not based on the condition you are diagnosed with, it is based on how it affects you and your daily life.

freddie76 is right, look at the Benefits and Work website it will show you how to correctly make a claim. Good Luck..

hi Nicki

as usually i am late maybe but i ve just found this website and looks like you have /had same problem.. for me is the same..i am still official employed but i am not fit for work yet..now i ve got finaly fixed my hernias so hopefully gonna go to work soon.. first 28weeks from the time when it all started they ve payed me from my work - Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) which was quite nothing to be honest so through the time i ve started getting short of savings etc.. for about 6months everyone was telling me that i ve no right to claim anything else because i ve got already SSP..hmm..miraculously somehow i ve tried jobcentre once again where was this lovely lady.. and she gave me number for ESA support..it was annoying because call took like 2hrs,waiting,sending them lot of stuff but at the end they gave me some money..its again actually nothing but now i ve tried also medical claim for long term and disability (something like that) so now i am still waiting again.. only positivum on ESA was that they ve paid me back untill my work had payed me..so it made at least couple hundreds..

hope you ve got already someting..and even better than me.

and of course good luck with fixing hernia.

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