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Not feeling very brave

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t logged in for a while. Had 2 clinic appts in one day, bloods and an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago so was a long old day at the Royal Free but got to see so many members of my team including my professor who operated on me which was awesome. He said I was unrecognisable (think that is a good thing) as this time I was in my own clothing (not the lovely pink hospital gown) didn’t have “bed hair” and had some make up on so I think it was an improvement 😂😂😂

Anyways, He did confirm that I do have an incisional hernia and he confirmed it needs operating on. It measures approx 8cm x 8cm and is on the horizontal part of my scar so sticks out quite badly to my right hand side. Told my prof and the surgeon I saw that this is causing so much pain (first mentioned it in clinic last Aug 2017 but they decided to keep an eye on it).

It hurts when I sneeze, cough, laugh etc and getting me right down. I’m crapping myself about another’s op. Told it will be a cut (not laparoscopy) with 5-7 days in hospital but they won’t know for sure until I’m opened up in theatre 😔

I asked about the mesh used and they said mesh operation is what my hospital use.

Got my pre op start of April and will take it from there. Family and friends tell me how brave I am after what I went through and was so very poorly but I think where I was admitted to hospital while waiting for my transplant - I was so ill with a matter of hours left to live that I wasn’t in the right mindset to think about the transplant. Going into hospital “well” and needing an operation is going to be nerve wracking.

I’ll keep you posted on when it will be. You know me though, I ALWAYS take the positives and that is that my new amazing liver is working brilliantly and my last bilirubin was a very impressive 13 (it used to be over 600 before transplant) and everything else with bloods and ultrasound was good.

Although I live in Suffolk, I’m from Essex so as we are known for not pronouncing our “H’s” I have called my Hernia “Ernie” 😂

Ernie needs to be pushed back in place and to make light of it all, I asked my professor on examination “what is that grissly bit I can feel on my hernia” to be told “that’s your bowel poking through” 😱😱😱

Best Ernie gets sorted out soon eh.

Anyway I’ve waffled on enough.

Stay strong everyone and I promise I’ll stay on here regularly.

Much love. Nicki 💕

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Snap !

Two years post now and waiting for an appointment to have my incisional hernia assessed - also at the Royal Free.

Happily its not painful or too uncomfortable, just not a 'good' look. Mine is on the down scar line.

I'm hoping it can wait until after August and the British Transplant games are over. Won a bronze last year for table tennis.

Notice you are wearing your Royal Free charity shirt, you might look even better in a Royal Free Transplant Team shirt ! Always looking for new recruits. I have both as we did the 'Walk For Wards' 5k nine weeks after my transplant.

Hope Ernie doesn't give you too much trouble until s/he is sent back to where it belongs.



Hi Jim,

Hope you and Lucy are keeping well. That has gone so quick that you had your transplant 2 years ago. It’s great that you did the Walk for Wards and I saw you took part in the transplant games. Well done 🎉 on your bronze medal too x

I might look at transplant games for next year as I’m hoping that my hernia operation will be start of of July (they did say it’s approx 1-6 month wait). Plus my twin sons both sit their gcse exams in May and June s I’m trying to time everything that I see them through their final exams and then sort my self out (if that makes sense).

Being referred to my local hospital for a sturdier hernia support belt to wear as the ones I have are not str8ng enough to make Ernie behave where he has got bigger!!!!

I hope to have a family holiday October time. The twins are going to college so if I’m healed and well, will aim to go away that half term week. Last year we didn’t get away as I spent the summer school holidays changing over my medication and numerous blood tests which obviously came first over a holiday this year summer half term will hopefully be to sort out Ernie the Hernia.

Stay well my Royal Free friend 😊

Nicki 💕

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Couple of weeks ago got measured for an NHS support vest !




Same happened to my hubbie.8 months aftet tp 2 in middle and 1 sticking through side like yours.due for repair at 1 year post tp but developed bile duct blockage just before then.spent next year in and out stenting the duct. Got several infections including sepsis over that year.survived all that.So it was from end of 2011 when he had tp until early 14 before he had the repair. They used a new mesh which was effectively a trial run.We were told they werent going to use that particular mesh on anybody else as it was obviously unsuitable for immunosuppressed patients.he is ok now but because he had so many issues he always looks nine months pregnant.Fortunately for anybody since then, as he was the guinea pig, things have vastly improved.Seen others after op nice and flat.So good luck and dont worry as it all seems to go well since he had his repaired.


Hi carmik,

Thank you for your reply. I was a bit worried about the mesh as I have heard and read about it. The consultant said that at my hospital, that is the me5od they use. To be honest, I’m in pain all the time from Ernie and it’s a burning feeling and like a stitch so I’m just hopeful that the operation cures that.

Sounds like your husband has had a rough time and I wish him well xxx


I'm sure it will be a walk in the park and nothing like your transplant. Also you are much healthier and your body will recover quicker xxxx


Thank you GrannyDoll61. After my 6 week stay in hospital, I got to meet so many of my team, the nurses, and support team. My hospital actually feels like my second home whenever I go for appts. Although when I have my op, I definitely don’t want a 6 week stay 😱

Nicki x


Sorry was also meant to ask how your husband is recovering after his transplant. It really is the most amazing feeling and I wish him well with his recovery. You must look after yourself as well. X


He is very happy to be home and looks healthier than he has in years.Have banned him from leaving the house as the snow is still quite deep here


Hi i had hernias too. One above my belly button and the other on the tight hand scar. Not that big but everytime i coughed, sneezed etc it pushed out. Had my transplant 2013 and had the hernia repair 2016. I had them both meshed and they cut where my old scar was. They told me it would be just overnight but as i started to be sick after the op they kept me in in case i had a bug so was in solitary. No bug though i think i was just reacting to the morphine. Any way everything healed just fine and although i still have a slight bump it is all well. Hope Ernie gets put back in place soon and i am sure everything will be ok. You sound very positive so stay like that and keep smiling you will be fine. Stay strong. X 😁😁😁


Hi dizzime,

Thank you for your reply and I’m pleased you got your hernias repaired. I’m assuming too they will cut along my original scar. If you had staples, did they restaple the original scar?

I developed a new “me” just before my transplant on how to be positive as to be honest, statistically, I should never have pulled through so I used to try and stay positive in hospital waiting for the call and positive about my slow recovery.

I always try and take the positives from every situation in life now and staying focused 💪🏻

Take care x


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