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My apology to anyone that was at hospital

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I'm putting in a apology to the people as

I'm not sorry to dr for being verbally rude or the receptionist that never told pals I was there , and also mental health liaison as telling all in CASULTY crying make sure you don't tell dr you think as you no it's your body your ill u got symptoms as they argue the point if you say it may be me ? What ever is wrong to be told I'm wrong about everything and he was rude he said this emergency only allowed one thing so again even GP says one illness only

And no still NO RESULTS

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Sorry you still don’t have the results you want.

But I don’t think it’s acceptable at any point to be rude to any staff at a hospital. I understand you might not be feeling well but the NHS are an incredible service and are ridiculously busy. I think if they have forgotten to inform PALs that you have been in the hospital or your Mental health liaison team then it may have been a genuine mistake not an intentional one.

Apologising on here will make no difference to the people you would have seen, maybe apologising to them and the Hospital would be better.

I hope you start feeling better soon and keep yourself in good health in the meantime!

I can understand why your upset but believe me when your rude they dont listen to what you have to say and your quest is lost because it becomes about you and how rude you were. but when you can say it in the most polite way thats the best way to get your message across. I can assure you that you will feel so much more powerful when you can do this and use self control. wishing you well. Don't give yourself a hard time now just try your best to be prepared next time. wishing you well. love grace xoxo 🤗

It's hard to stay calm when you are terrified.The doctor knows this.(xxx)

Yes, when you are frightened, you might say stuff you don't mean. Just try to stay calm on your next visit, they should listen to you then.

Where abouts do you live? Please take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

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