The deed is done

I am now officially on the transplant list. I signed yesterday and what a long and emotional time it was. I am over the moon now only thing what shocked me was my life expectancy if I didn't have the transplant, I thought I would have a few years at least. But am not going to fret I am just going to get on with things until I get the call :-)

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  • That's great news :) xxx

  • So pleased for you.keep letting us know how things go xx

  • Great news, wishing you well. X

  • Yes stay as fit and positive as possible.

  • yes; good luck!

  • Great news. Hoping all goes well for you jojo.

  • Thanks so much everyone I definitely appreciate the support and good luck messages I have received it means so much to me x

  • Great JoJo, just make sure you stay fit now. Are you on the Priority transplant list? Please keep us informed.

    Mike XX

  • Not priority but least I on it at long last x

  • Great, you'll get that call before you expect, probably in the middle of the night like mine was.

    They only told me about my life expectancy after the operation "less than 6 months but if I caught an infection, they wouldn't have been able to save me". A sobering thought eh?

    Mike x

  • It certainly is scary when they tell you your life expectancy more so for me as this is the best I have felt since I first got diagnosed. And I have felt great last 3 months fingers crossed it lasts.

  • I feel your joy! :) You have every reason to be feeling over the moon! Take care !

  • Great news. Nearly there now. Keep fighting and stay strong. :)

  • Oh that news has give me every reason to stay strong. But thank you xx

  • Great news Jojo hope you get your Transplant soon...wishing you lots of luck XX

  • Thank you xxx

  • So pleased for strong and look forward now....were all with you

  • Thanks so much x

  • Fingers crossed Jojo that you do not have too long to wait. Stay healthy.

    X Cibble

  • Thank you x

  • Congrats Jojo. The people on the list vary by number depending which TP Centre you are under. I am at the royal free and there are 50-60 people on their list. I have been waiting for over 9 months now. i have just had a urine infection which literally put me on the floor. Longest sleep in the last week 22hours. Getting over it now but the lessons are there. To get through a transplant you must be well and strong. Any infection will possibly hit you hard. Take it as part of early training, you cannot afford to be around colds, flu, sniffles etc. Avoid them wherever possible. Have the flu jab. Exercise more if possible. Your transplant coordinators will look after you wel. Try not to let your frustration get the better of you, and most of all Good Luck.

  • Great news JoJo, hope your wait isn't too long. Look after yourself, try a little walk every day to keep your lungs healthy (when you can). Keep your weight up and fingers crossed you'll do great when the time comes.

    Rooting for you.

    Katie xx

  • very happy for you hope all goes well and good luck for the future

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