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Should I be concerned

Was diagnosed 6 yrs ago with primary biliary cirrhosis with autoimmune hepititus. Taking ursodiol,but nothing for autoimmu. In October I had ultrasound andGI doc told me I had cirrhosis and sent me to the Mayo Clinic. Was told I had stage 3-4 cirrhosis, to continue my meds, stop drinking (which I have) and go on a low sodium diet. I have itching on my legs, back of neck and inner arms. Am to have an ultrasound in April and see my GI doc in May.

I think about this all the time. Doesn't seem like anyone is as concerned as I am. Should I be doing anything else?

This is kind of lengthy, and did not list everything I've had in the recent past, or the number of doctors I've seen. Sorry. I just wanted to get some of this off my shoulders.

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