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Any suggestions

Hello greetings

I'm 25 years old i have autoimmune hepatitis Primary sclerosing cholangitis overlapsyndrome I'm currently on prednisone 40 mg.

I was on azathioprine 100 mg but my doctor stopped it because my blood haemoglobin levels drops.

Don't know what to do. I'm from India and here have to go to government hospitals. Because the treatment at private hospitals are very expensive. And at government hospitals doctors do not tell you anything about your disease they just prescribe you drugs that's it. 😯

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I have AIH, but I'm not sure from your post what you want to know. Could you explain further what your concerns are? There is a Facebook page that you could join with members who have AIH and PSC just like yourself. They also might be able to answer any questions and concerns you have. All the very best to you :)


go back to the drs ask lots of question tell them you need to know the answers of whats going on in your own body and what you can do beside the prescription meds that he has you on to help your situation, research yourself to make sure you get all the question you want answered written down when you go back.doctors have the obligation to do these things but they feel sometimes that they are to busy to take the proper time with their patients but we have to make them take the time.part of the frustration of all of this is the health care systems and how things get done and how we are treated. this all leaves lasting and impressionable bad memories causing us more stress/


Thx monica i'll do that :)


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