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Still worried and want a Fibroscan

Hi folks. Just an update and looking for some advice. I've now had a couple of sets of blood tests which came back normal. Following the development of some additional symptoms, (yellow stool and discomfort in my upper right quadrant) I have now had an ultrasound and a CT scan. Not had official results from those but sonographer said on the day that everything looked normal. Still waiting for results from CT scan. The discomfort in my liver area makes me really concerned there is liver damage even tho results have been positive. I've enquired about fibroscan but can only seem to get one (without referral) from the London clininc at a cost of over £500. Has anyone got experience of "liver pain" that turned out to be something else? Also any advice on where to get a fibroscan in north east England/Yorkshire? Thanks in advance. Winnie.

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I had a dull ache in my right side off and on for several years while I was drinking. When I would drink heavy and my liver got fatty, the pain would radiate around to my back.

When I quit, my symptoms flared badly, & a burning pain spread all down my right side and across my lower chest. This really scared me, & lasted for around 3 months during my recovery.

An ASH Fibrosure I had several years into my recovery showed F-0, NO fibrosis! I was shocked, as I had quite an extensive drinking history.

Normal labs, & an unremarkable ultrasound is optimistic, so keep the faith.

Hopefully this too shall pass!


Thanks for you reply Metanoia. It's reassuring to me that you had a good result with your fibroscan. I've also had itching skin for about a year so I'm keen to know what's causing that too. Think I'll have to head to London for a scan to give me peace of mind. Glad all went well when you had your scan. :)


Hi Winnie

The bloods sound good. The scan sounds good so hopefully when they give you more information it will help. The problems could be a lot of things. I get lots of issues and I will be honest I'm never sure what links and what doesn't.

My main suggestion is keep a diary of when you get the pain and how long it lasts. It might also be worthwhile seeing if it is better or worse after e.g. eating, drinking ( and what you eat or drink) or exercising or sitting or laying down. If you can pinpoint any triggers and really identify where when etcetera it might help your doctors to find out what it is.

All the best



Hi Gill, Thanks for replying. It does seem quite random and intermittent but worth a try in case there is a pattern. Been a year of confusion now. Seeing a gastro again a few weeks. Hopefully I'll get nearer to an answer then. I hope all is well with you. :)

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Hi Winnie

Things ok at the moment. I hope things go well for you.

Gill x


Hi Winnie I sympathise with what you are going through....I have every symptom of advanced liver disease...I have had mildly elevated liver enzymes, an ultrasound, cat scan, mri fibroscan and even a fine needle biopsy....all of these came back clear....however my horrible symptoms including yellow diarhea, Brown urine, liver palms, mind fog, nausea and many others that only a liver could possibly cause, continue to mount.....unfortunately doctors fail to look outside the square and fail to provide any dignity to the is a disgrace and we are left to suffer...


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