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Fatty Liver Disease, no help from GP

First post, no advice from GP.

After ultrasound my GP told me I have a fatty liver, I asked what this meant, she replied ‘who knows’! So I’m in the dark.

I’m 55, Type 2 diabetic, try to keep within drinking limits (2-3 times per week), overweight, but take daily exercise.

I know loosing weight will help, will taking vitamins help?

Trying to improve lifestyle.

Any advice out there?

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You might find the British Liver Trust page on Non-Alcohol Related Fatty Liver Disease very useful in looking at your risk factors for this condition together with advice for what you can do to look after yourself going forward.

It would be wise to knock the alcohol on the head, even though your fatty liver is more likely to be NAFLD due to your diabetes and currently being over weight the alcohol is not going to help your liver to recover. You are giving an already stressed liver more to cope with by even drinking within guideline levels - guideline levels are dangerous to an already fatty liver.

NAFLD is manageable but left untackled can advance and get worse even to the degree of cirrhosis so you do need to do something about it.

The page I referred to is at:- britishlivertrust.org.uk/li...



Thank you, that is really helpful


get your gp to refer you to liver specialist if you have a fatty liver you propably also have high cholesterol numbers. some gp don't do anything to do with the liver so get a liver specialist to see you and youl propably have to fight a bit of drs to get the referral in as it is very hard to get referred to a liver specialist because of the health care policy and procedures but push like I did and you get one

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Welcome to the forum.

A registered GP should know what fatty liver disease is and be able to give you the advice, support and referral on to medical colleagues that you need. If they cannot, then you may want to see another GP or discuss this with the GP practice manager.

As katie has already posted, there is a lot of useful information on the British Liver Trust website, however it is important to get specific advice especially with regards to your diet and lifestyle.

We would suggest that you think about reqesting a referral to a liver specialist who can provide the guidance and information that you need,

Best wishes,

BLT admin


I had the same sort of thing happen to me. 6 months later I had another Ultrasound scan and they said I had Cirrhosis of the liver and that if I didn't stop drinking I would be dead in 2 years.

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Hi I had high cholesterol readings and my go referred me to a hepaologist. I found out i have nafld. And a liver that is behaving like it has cirrhosis but doesn't. My specialist was very careful to check what supplements i was taking. I said omega 3 6 and 9 basically the cod liver oil capsule me was ok with that. From what I have read you have to be careful with supplements as the stuff they use to make the tablets can be difficult for a liver to deal with. He also checked my prescribed meds.

He told me to lose weight and suggested pain management. He unfortunately didn't understand my lack of mobility is due to a spinal injury not arthritis. For those out there with arthritis i do know how debilitating it can be. My problem however is messages getting to my body from the brain. I had also tried hydrotherapy in the past but it made the pain worse. Therefore my gp and I had a quantity versus quality discussion and I still need my meds but I try to keep them to the minimum I can tolerate.

I therefore had to really look at my diet. Fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables, small portions of meat mainly chicken or Fish. I only need a small amount of carbohydrate and fat. I can't exercise much, so it has to be in proportion to what I can use. If I over do it I don't necessarily know at the time but I do at night and for a couple of days after. So I have to be careful what exercise I do.

Result a lot of being careful, but allowing 2slightly naughty days a week and I have lost weight. I have in about 8months lost 11/2 stone nearly 2. I used the nhs websites to get a better understanding of portions and got out my kitchen scales and use them. It is a pain but helps me understand quantity better.

How the weight loss will show up for my liver I have no idea, but I know I look better for it.

Hope this helps



Thank you for this and for sharing, I hope you stay well and positive x

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I was told years ago I had a fatty liver and it didnt mean anything but now I have cirrhosis from it. I never drank but am overweight and diabetic. Try to learn as much as you can to help prevent fatty liver turning to cirrhosis. Good luck


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