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Need some input

I have alcohol cirrhosis one year ten month today, been sober since 2015 on my own proud of it my liver doctor prescribe me lactolose 15ml once daily and a multivitamin once daily, I was own water pill for am out two weeks right after I was diagnose but I don't take it anymore, this is all the medication I take, I 5'8 and weight 150 lbs does anybody else take the same medication and why I don't need anything else to take for my liver. Anybody have an answer for me

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Everyone’s different...bodies deal with different things in very different ways. I don’t have alcohol Cirrhosis, mine is caused by blood cancer. I am on 20ml lactulose 4 x a day, along with 240g of diuretics along with propranolol for the bleeding in my stomach. I’m on the transplant list have been for 12 months. It’s different for everyone. Be happy that your doing so well.


thanks chelle for the info, I am happy i.m doing well, I also take centrum silver daily


My husband has had a diagnosis of cirrhosis since April 2012 - his due to Auto-Immune Hepatitis. There is no medication for cirrhosis as such, medications are introduced to counteract side effects & symptoms of the condition - if you don't have any symptoms requiring treatment then you are doing ok.

In my hubbies case he takes Lactulose (2 x 20ml per day) & Rifaximin - both being to treat and prevent symptoms of Hepatic Encephalopathy, 5mg Prednisolone Steroid (a maintainance dose to keep his AIH subdued), Calcium supplement to counteract the bone thinning caused by his prednisolone, omeprazole to protect his stomach lining due to portal hypertensive gastropathy (side effect of portal hypertension) & Penicillin V to support his immune system as his spleen has been killed off due to a procedure following discovery of splenic artery aneurysms (another side effect of his portal hypertension).

He has never been prescribed a water tablet / diuretic and so far (touch wood) by following a low salt diet he hasn't experienced ascites or fluid build up.

Everyone is an individual with this illness and there is no one standard treatment model apart from 6 monthly bloods and ultrasound scan which are generally considered the required monitoring.

All the best to you, well done on the abstinence, keep going.



thanks Katie, at first I was only 100 lbs, skinny eating nothing but drinking all day,i will not have another drink in my lifetime or smoke another cigarette, but for the past week I don't have an appetite, will I get it back soon, I don't want to loose any more weight, what can stimulate my appetite, last year my liver doctor told me I can take cyproheptadine for appetite, do you know anything about this medication.


Weight loss whilst drinking is very common as your body gets calories from booze rather than food and it doesn't 'fuel' the body properly hence your weight gain since kicking the booze. Your are still low body weight for your height - my hubby on initial presentation was 118 lb on a 5ft 5/6 frame and considered malnourished. He saw a dietician and was put on a high carbohydrate, high protein eating plan. Thankfully he has never struggled with his appetite he just couldn't get used to all the snacking he now has to do.

Little and often is key, appetite loss is a symptom of cirrhosis and you might 'over face' yourself with big plates full try snacking rather than big meals. Try to have a carbohydrate and protein together - boiled eggs are excellent protein and a slice of bread and spread is a good small meal (hubby has two eggs and bread each lunch time). If your weight does start to drop or you feel you have lost muscle mass ask to see a specialist dietician who will put you on the right track as to how & what to eat with your liver disease - they can also prescribe supplementary drinks to add further vitamins, minerals and calories when you are having difficulty eating. In a couple of years on the diet plan (and supplementary drinks) my hubby was able to regain weight and muscle and the medical team are delighted at his now 154 lb weight.

As regards cyproheptadine I would avoid it like the plague, your liver has to handle and all medications you ingest and from reading just a tiny bit about the medication the appetite improvement bit is a side effect seen in some cystic fibrosis patients and it isn't the main use of the drug. I know wiki isn't the most reliable of sources but it does highlight some of its adverse side effects being:- hepatitis, jaundice, hepatic failure and hepatic function abnormality. I would stay well clear.

Try to see a liver specialist dietician who will put you on the right track for weight gain.

All the best, Katie


Thanks katie

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