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Having new sensations maybe

I have Cirrhosis due to Hepatitis C which Is currently undetectable. I have HE ( I take meds for ) along with the rest of the wonderful side effects. Anyone experienced with the on set of hepatogenous diabetes ? Or type 2 diabetes ? Curious as to feelings that occur and any knowledge of length of time before diagnosis. My blood test show highs and lows then normal but once again just at the one number off so I get the the all is within the normal range which is great, but at times I experience weird and different feelings and sensations like extremely dry skin & mouth and pee all the time. Itching I am hungry constantly light headed an dizzy difficulty in breathing and muscle what’s left are sore. As y’all know with Cirrhosis anything new is expected and I am Just curious as to why I feel this way , could this be something new or just something cruisin' through ?


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