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Is my liver normal?

I had a fibroscan of liver. The median stiffness was 6.1 Kpa, IQR - 0.7 Kpa, IQR/med - 11 per cent. The valid measures were 15 and success rate - 100 per cent. The left done 10 days back show these values: Bilirubin total-0.5mg/dL, Bilirubin- -Direct-0.1, Indirect-0.4, SGOT/AST-15U/L, ALTI/SGPT-30, ALK PHOSPHATASE- 92 IU/L, PT Test-14, Control-14, Activity-based 100 per cent and INR- 1.0

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Dear Jayjai

I'm sorry but no one on here can answer your question as the reference ranges for such tests vary according to the laboratory where the results were analysed.

You would be best to go back to your doctor and ask them to explain your results and discuss any further steps if needed.

Best wishes

BLT team


Dear Jayjai,

All parameters of your liver enzymes including fibro scan score are within normal level.So you have nothing to worry.My fibro scan is 55.1kpa and Liver enzymes are all higher than yours.If you drink alcohol, please stop it and you will have normal life span. Thanks

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