Fatty liver, inflammation can I run a Marathon?

Since being told I had a very sensitive liver and suspected fat on it I changed my diet and increased the amount I was exercising. I've pretty much stopped drinking (2x 2pints over the last year). I've lost 3.5 stone am no longer overweight at all, have little fat fat left and completed my first half marathon yesterday. I really enjoy running (I never thought I would) and seem to be fairly good at it. I've no idea if the lifestyle changes have improved anything further because they will only test every 6 months. Does anyone know if there is a reason I shouldn't run Marathons with a sensitive, fatty liver? Does it put too much strain on your liver?

I was a bit worried about whether my heart was ok as I have rayaulds type cold hands and feet or circulation issues and a pretty low resting heart rate of 48 (which I guess might be being fit).

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  • As far as I know your not going to put any strain on your liver by running 🏃 and congratulations on all the changes you have made, hope you are feeling the benefits now 😁

  • I'm definitely fitter than I've ever been and mentally in a much better place than I was when they were investigating. I've had to buy all new clothes to fit which my wife isn't happy about 😂. Having a target helps keep the diet and exercise hence the marathon.

  • Do you know if cleanse / detox can be harmful to the liver? I'm trying to get fit also &! My PT wants me to do this regime for 10 days but concerned as this promotes ketosis

  • I was told that I probably lost weight too fast and inflamed my liver as it was working to process the body fat I was losing (or something like that by the consultant). At the beginning I was so scared it had gone further that I barely ate and when I did it was only veg and water. I don't think they have decided on whether ketosis would be bad if you have fatty liver. losing weight in a steady way is what they recommend. I lost muscle to begin with as I was running 30miles plus a week and not eating enough. I'm trying to get that back though by weight training and taking whey protein. I guess it depends what they mean by detox. Eating as much raw veg as you can omega 3 fish oil things with choline in, etc can't be a bad idea. Loads of water. I guess It depends on how sensitive your liver is.

  • Thankyou

  • If you want to try a detox I would really suggest you talk about it with your g.p.

    As far as I am aware cutting out alcohol is very important. But losing lots of weight very quickly can put a lot is strain on your body. It needs careful planning. Eating healthily, making sure you get the right balance of food, fluids and exercise is crucial. It's not just the liver we have to think about it is all of our internal organs.

    Before any detox get medical guidance on which detox, how long to do it for and what to watch out for in case of problems.

    Take care and good luck


  • I have none alcoholic fatty liver, I'd stopped drinking long before being diagnosed. If yours is alcohol related it's a bit more straightforward to deal with (although not easy). Cut the alcohol and it should resolve. If you drink a lot you have to go down gradually from what I've read on the board to minimise the risks.

  • I have autoimmune PBC I do not ever drink alcohol

  • I'd check with the doctor but I know that diet and exercise has helped me feel a whole lot better mentally which is as important . I'm drinking kefir and probiotics try to improve my gut health to see if that reduces the inflammation too. I think gradual changes are better than what I did at the beginning though.

  • Go for it-it won't harm your liver-on the contrary- good luck with it

  • Thank tight

  • Thankyou lol

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