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I've just had an ultrasound following ggt results of 220.  The technician said i have a fatty liver.  i asked if there was any scarring, the technician said you cant tell from ultrasound but some of the fat could be scarring.  i asked if my lover had a lot of fat and they said yes.  need to ring gp to,see where  i go from here.  any thoughts and advice please?  Thanks!!

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  • Hi cragmtc, good news is that fatty liver disease can be reversed with modifications to your lifestyle and diet. 

    You haven't said whether you are drinking or not although with a high GGT this might be indicated.  If you are drinking then it would be more than sensible to stop since alcohol will lead to an increase of fatty liver and in time perhaps progression to fibrosis and cirrhosis.  If you can stop alcohol altogether you'll be doing your liver a huge favour.

    You've also not said whether you are over weight or taking other medications.  If your diet isn't particularly great then a look at adjusting your diet would be an idea - just generally live healthier.  Less salt, less sugar, less fatty and processed food and if your don't do so already exercise. 

    We've had posters on here who have had fibrosis due to fatty liver show up on fibroscans and have turned it around with a healthier lifestyle so you may well be able to get your liver on the road to recovery again.  Don't ignore fatty liver because over time it will get worse and is a problem which is increasing greatly in the Western World.

    The British Liver Trust has some excellent guides which can be downloaded at the following pages - i've linked to the two which give guidance on alcohol and fatty liver, non-alcohol related fatty liver (NAFLD) and also the recommended diet stuff :-




    Hope they are of some help, look after yourself and hopefully you'll be back here in a few months time with a lowered GGT and a healthier liver.

    Katie :)

  • thanks for your reply.  I've drank excessively for many years, and cut down significantly recently but obviously need to stop altogether.  i'm around 3 stone overweight and take medication for blood pressure anxiety and high cholestoral.  i work in an office and need to be more active. thanks again!!

  • I'm in the same boat! LFTs were perfect a year ago but rocketed after a few caravan trips to Spain ( cheap booze, large measures of spirits).

    I take a statin too and Amlor for mild hypertension.

    Smoking can raise yout GGT too so am now on the patch and doing o.k.

    Lots of good advice here,

    All the best.

  • luckily i gave up smoking many years ago. just hope i cam reverse the damage ive done to my liver!!

  • stick with the patches it was i used and worked,for me

  • yep good advice from Ayrshire-I'm in the same boat also-just followed Lent-no drink for 6 weeks and feel 100% better-takes a  bit longer to get the GGT down..

  • thanks for the advice its appreciated.  wow 6 weeks thats great.  I've drank every night for years, until,the last three weeks when i havent drank during the week.  but i obviously need to stop completely for a period at least.

    Hearing others experiences is a real help, thanks.

  • Hi glad you are going to be able to turn this around.  Take a bit of hard work on your part but very much worth it.  I just wanted to say good luck with it all. You do mention on your last comment you have give up drinking for a time at least,  seriously you need to give up for good you won't miss it a few of us on here wish we had been as lucky as you and had a warning to turn things around,  so don't waste it.   Just read people's posts to understand what we have to endure.

  • Thanks jojokarak please your on the transplant list, hopefully you hear soon.   I can't really assess how bad my liver is yet.  How do I know I can turn things around? I really hope that's possible.

  • Hi with the right diet, exercise and no alcohol it will take time but am sure you will do it.   Can I ask why you went doctors in first place or why you was sent for a scan?

  • Yes of course I've had my lft for years.  On my last check ggt was 220 so my doctor ordered the us which was yesterday. Just worried it might be too bad to reverse.  Thanks!!

  • just been to the gp who said that i have fatty liver although no sign of sclerosis.  need to go back in 6 weeks for more blood tests.

  • 6 weeks is the standard time to get rid of any excess fat in the liver due to alcohol-try and stay off for that period.

  • Thanks briccolone.  I need to stick to it for sure.  Fancy something nice for tea, getting sick of vehicles already.

  • Vegetables not vehicles 

  • Pleased for you with your diagnosis but vegetables are your best friend at moment sorry to say,  it's food today what is causing fatty liver disease just read contents of how much salt you can eat through convenient food.  So love the veg for a bit then treat yourself once a week x

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