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worried wife

I saw where 1 reader had a pretty good diet plan to gain back some weight. My husband is 56 and was diagnosed about a year ago. He has cirrhosis from a fatty liver. He is also lactose intolerant so we have been using Almond milk...But I am really confused , I thought he wasn't supposed to have carbs because they break down to sugar which further damages the liver...I would like to know what he can eat to gain weight..He has lost muscle and weight...He was not given a diet plan at all!!

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You should ask your gp to refer you to a dietician then if he has special dietary requirements x

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The diet plan that I have (from liver specialist dietican) which helped my hubby regain muscle mass and gain weight would probably not be suitable for someone who has cirrhosis due to fatty liver disease as it does contain piles of carbs and proteins.

It would (as Jo-Jo says) be advisable to see a dietician who can give proper advice for your husbands individual circumstances.

All the best, Katie :)

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