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Hi all

I got a diagnosis last Tuesday of nafld and cirrhosis. I had a spinal cord injury (incomplete) 3 years ago this month. I've decided August isn't my favourite month.

I'm currently trying to lose weight but the exercise is going to be fun, trying to do that, as I rely on a wheelchair to get anywhere and I can only walk a little bit. Also due to the sci I have sensory problems making swimming difficult as I really feel the cold.

I still work part-time, and aim to do so for as long as I can.

As I am very new to this I will appreciate any help in getting to grips with sorting myself out.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Hey, sorry to hear about your other issues too. I have nafld and cirrhosis. Just so scary to begin with.

Take it one day at a time. I know I become overwhelmed when medical things start to rule my life.


I think I am still going through the trying to find out/ denial at the moment.

When I had my spinal cord injury and got told the prognosis, I went in denial. I was lucky and came out better than expected on my mobility. I thought I got away with a lot of the internal problems that can go with it. Appears they had already got their own ideas.

I really appreciate you replying. Getting the positive attitude is going to be essential. The kind of work I do as an advocate, makes it essential, so you being there for me, helping me to know I am not alone by replying so quickly is pretty fantastic. Thank you.


Hiya it's a shock at first to be diagnosed but as at first we don't display many symptoms (hope your not anyway) it does fade and we just live day by day which most people don't and is a blessing in disguise. Best thing is food for you at moment to take as much pressure off your liver as possible it has to be fresh limit amount of processed foods and lay off the salt use herbs and spices to flavour food. I know you seem to be limited with exercise but keeping active with activities is great. Also keeping a positive attitude once the shock has worn off that helped me get through some hard times. And if your having a bad day or just want to vent we are all here and understand x


I'm lucky never deliberately a salt lover, although lifestyle especially after spinal cord injury used too many ready meals and take outs. Which meant too much salt and sugar. Trying to use fresh now but needing help from others to help me to cook, since my injury, makes it harder. I have a reputation for not being good at asking for help. Something I am going to have to learn.

Thank you for the advice and for support.

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HI there. I went through a period of complete denial aswell, which meant I continued to drink. (my cirrhosis is due to alcohol). Wish I didnt!

Despite feeling Ok my liver results just continued to get worse. I was diagnosed in January 2016 Its only in the last 3 months that Ive seen any significant improvement.

I know that its devastating to be told but the news gets much easier with time. Its also great to have the advice on here from people that have lived with the disease for many many years.

Best advice is to eat as healthily as possible and mainly stay positive and keep your chin up!

All the best... Matt

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Hi everyone

I am glad I joined the forum. It isn't great what we are all having to dealing with. As far as I am aware my damage level is still relatively low compared to many other people's. That is why I am so grateful for the support of people encouraging me.

I first saw my consultant about 4 months ago. After seeing him although he meant well I felt like a person who didn't love herself enough. To be honest I was still working on the mobility and bowel and bladder worries that go with my spinal cord injury (incomplete). I have to call it that as a complete would have been total paralysis. I know in that world I am really lucky compared to so many and I must not whinge.

In the 4 months since first seeing him, I have lost nearly a stone. Sorry i'm old enough to prefer to weigh in stones and pounds. At school I had to learn nothing's and imperial. I have to lose another stone to get to just about within bmi ok. If I lose another after that i will feel better about me, as well as being safely within what I need to be. A bit stable door of me, but that's life.

The other way of putting it is that my weight would be o.k. if I was a 6 feet tall fit sports person. Yeah that's right, i'm way off that height by nearly 11 inches and never been into sports.

What I am still working on is losing weight safely. The painkiller management is another thing entirely.

The more I start to come to terms with this next learning curve in my health, the more my interesting style of humour will come out. You have been warned.

Thanks again for all the help and support and I will try to remember the 1 day at a time.


Hi I really do get what you mean by this. The unknown, and then getting information that doesn't make sense to how you feel and then having to stand back and look at things. Then trying to work out the right way to go forward. Then helping those around you to understand isn't easy.

This is why I am glad I joined the forum.

In my work I am often seen as the person who can work out a way forward. It is a lot easier when your personal emotions are not involved. The personal expertise and understanding of my journey the group has is invaluable as support.


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