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Hi all

Hi all

Hi all,

I am a 26 year old male, I had recently suffered with some loose stools and constipation for a few days but I think it is passing now, I have been concerned about how much I've drank over the last year in the back of my mind. I have always been a typical binge drinker, go out every few weeks or sit in the house with mates and have a drink. To justify it I always stuck by a rule that never drink the next day and would not for maybe a week or two weeks normally, the would certainly be periods were I could go a month or so without drinking from the age of 18-25. Since I met my partner her family are brilliant but extremely social which is not the kind of relationship I have with my own. So it is normal for them to go out for tea Friday, have a gathering Saturday and then out again Sunday. So my alcohol consumption has crept up and in the back of my mind I felt uncomfortable but I was enjoying myself at the same time so justified it to myself I work all week and go the gym etc try and eat moderately so I deserve this, It's normal. My dad and mum are not together but are both big drinkers, mum is more alcoholic in terms of doesn't function and dad drinks everyday but seems more normal in terms he never seems drunk really or has underlying issues etc, so basically a functioning alcoholic. I've seen alcohol destroy people. This week just gone due to a few family events I have racked up 35 units, mainly pints I drink. So I realise if I keep this up I could run in to problems in my mid 30 or 40 which is something I want to avoid. I have had a function test done in February which was classed as normal, cholesterol was no concern, slightly elevated but the ratio was fine. I had the doctor examine my abdomin and he said everything feels soft and fune. But lately i have worried about my nails turning white, but i have only just really looked at them for the first time really paying attention. and feeling a bit itchy and noticing the odd cluster of spots or pimples in various places. I don't know if I am looking in to things to much. But I think it's time I address the amount I drink, I plan to stay away until Christmas the try and make sure I do not drink on consecutive days and stick to a moderate amount. I enjoy a drink like most, but I think I need to change my relationship and association with it.

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You are being very sensible to try and watch what you drink. Well done x


Good luck with making changes. Your nails to me look normal. However if your worried about your healthy on any scale speak to your GP.


Hi Mike

If you think there is a concern about your drinking deal with it. You have seen the impact it can have and I bet you can think back to a time when your parents thought they were managing it. It is your body no one else can take responsibility for it. It is your choice.

On here a number of us made life choices that maybe we are not proud of now. It looks like you have a golden opportunity to help yourself before you have things to deal with that are potentially quite scary and can be very life changing.

What are your life plans for the next 12 months, 3 years, 5 years? Where do you see yourself in 14 years time as a man of 40? Not meaning to worry you but things don't always go according to plan anyway, but is there any point adding potential roadblocks in your life journey, that you have already seen can be a problem.

I'm 59 now, I can't believe how fast my life has flown and how many things I wish I did different. I also have some things I'm incredibly proud of myself for. I used to enjoy a drink but had to stop as it affected my breathing, don't know why it just did. I still miss the taste and it's been 36 years. It's a long time to miss it.

I still ended up with liver problems (nafld) rather than an alcohol cause. I would probably be dead by now if I had carried on drinking as I still managed to mess my liver up without the help of alcohol. If you see any of my other posts you will see that I'm still trying to learn how to help myself.

Do all your partner's family drink alcohol? I go out with my friends and family and some drink alcohol, some tea, some water etcetera. Some drink low or no alcohol beers or cider. Just ask yourself why do you drink? That is the real question you need to answer. Better to keep it very safe now than hit the problem that you have to give drink up entirely for health reasons later. Only you know your won't power.

Good luck and have a long, happy, healthy life.



I think you are fine. Take some time of drinking and see how much better you feel. If I had my time again I wish I had got fitter and ate and drank less in my late twenties to late 30s. I ended up with NAFLD due to genetics and not looking after myself. I had periods when I didn’t drink for months and always felt healthier. Now I’m 43 and finding that although I’m fitter than I’ve ever been i regret that although I was unaware of the damage I was doing I could have probably made smaller changes earlier and prevented all of it.


Thankyou for all the replys it is really overwhelming how supportive people are here. I think a lot of it is being naive and looking at everyone around you who seem to be fine so I will be kind of attitude. But I really have looked at it now and thought is the few hours worth of so called drinkun fun worth the wasted money and days of feeling low and rubbish. If it was an investment no one would back it, it doesn't make sense but I keep doing it, that weekly routine. I never thought I would follow that path but I realised I was already there without knowing, I could feel tendencies I seen in my mum in myself l. I think this really is the crossroads and like you advised the golden chance to sort it.


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