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Will Ultrasound reveal a problem?

Hi. I am waiting for a gall bladder op., but this won't be done until my LFT tests are OK. Doctor is sending me for an Ultrasound. I would like a Fibroscan really, but I can't find any in my area. I live in Swansea. Does anyone know of an Fibroscan in my area of the country ( I will pay for it). I don't feel well enough to go to London. Or do you think that I should settle for the Ultrasound.

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I believe - correct me if I am wrong - that fibroscan is a tool to quantify a problem. So it is never a bad idea to have an US. It may be limited, but it can see some things.



Ultrasound will only show end / later stage problems. If it's earlier / middle ground it won't show anything. You need a fibroscan.

Unless there is a growth, gall bladder problem.



An ultrasound will show any enlargement of the liver and fat content. If it is bigger then it can be a sign of inflamation or infection.

If it is shrunken it can be a sign of more advanced problems.

It will certainly show how many and where the gall stones are and how they can be affecting the liver.

Plus when you have the op the surgeon will actually set eyes on the liver which can tell them a lot.

A fibroscan is usually used after other tests because by measuring fibrosis it is used to give an indication of progression of disease. Without diagnosis there is no great advantage in having a fibrosxan which doesn't givea precise measurement.

I have to point out though that none of us can give medical advice other than from personal experience and information picked up along the way

Rita x

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