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We are a new group for liver transplantees, carers, and supporters of transplantees, the families of donors, those who have lost a transplantee, medics, involved in transplantation donors on the register, and donors who have given a partial liver for transplantation,

etc. this is not a medical forum but feel free to discuss medical matters please remember the poster is responsible for their post

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  • Are you doctors , or are you medically trained?

  • I'm rather suspicious of this one Bob, it appears to be a closed group with little or no background information.

    I may be wrong, hope I am.

  • Glad to say you are wrong this new group has been setup by Prometheus to support t ransplantees, their friends, families carers, the families of donors, partial donors, Tec we are not medical but we welcome medical people. One concern is Ellisons propsals to cut support for those with health care induced HCV. But that's not all it's about. There is no background because today is the first day the page was posted.

  • oh! good to know! Thank you!

  • Thanks red be honest so am I

  • I pressed join, well see..but the art on the page was a bit morbid to me?

  • thanks for info..just pressed join.

    Wow, that photo is a bit scary, no? lol.

    Dont get me wrong..I love art, especially the masters..

  • Prometheus seems so appropriate I use the name Prometheus as my nom de gurre if you have a sugestion for a better image go for it the group belongs to its users so feel free to make suggestions to improve the page.

  • I'm a bit of a philistine but I get the Prometheus relevance, an indication of how much the ancient Greeks understood about the regenerative properties of the liver.

    Have you seen the film Prometheus? I'm a big sci-fi fan and love the Alien franchise!

  • And that Prometheus has to endure having his liver picked away every day.

  • Seen the movie its ok Blade runner is my fave sci fi

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