So I have written this post several times in the past few months and then deleted it as I through it was stupid. However....I have decided that no question is a stupid on and there maybe more people needing this question answered....

Ascites/swollen tummies/pressure on tummies - it's not nice - did anyone decide to wear maternity clothes - trousers in particular? My stomach feels constantly squashed and uncomfortable...I have gone up in trouser size but it's not helping - unless I stand....

Any advice for me?

Hope your all well xx

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  • Yes and no Chelle. Obs not maternity clothes, but I got to the point where I was only able to wear large jogging trousers. My advice would be to do what you've got to do to stay comfortable.

  • Thank you. Although I find my PJ's the best at the moment although I don't think my boss would agree so much...ha ha

  • Hi chelle , yes I did. My tummy was that swollen I could not fit in to anything and i mean anything; not even my coats and jackets. I bought two extra large track suits with elasticated waist. They were only cheap. I also wore larger tunic tops and baggy t shirts. I still have them now just incase . Hope your not feeling too bad hun .I know how it feels xx

  • Thank you. I just still need to look smart as I am still working so will have a look at some stuff and see what I can find!

  • Yes I can understand that, but there is so much to choose from anyway, you will find something as long as it's comfy and can have room incase the ascites increases xx

  • Hi Chelle

    I bought stretchy lounge pants in the next size or 2 up. I looked as though I was full term but was determined not to wear maternity clothes. They were much more comfortable and I felt better for looking more normal? ( I use the term loosely) 😉 have a look in George

    Hope it helps x

  • Thank you, my problem is that I am still need to look smart (ish) I'll have a look in George and see what I can come out with. x

  • Chelle,

    It was my swollen tummy that first took me to my GP - most of my trousers suddenly didn't fit anymore. I know its different for women, but looks hardly mattered, as Joe said already its comfort that's important. You could say that its ascites that saved my life as there were no other obvious symptoms.

    Not that it will help much, but there are some pretty stylish maternity clothes or 'outsize' wear. As long as its attractive clothing, work is not a fashion show. Do your managers know your diagnosis ?

    Of course 'body image' is important but I'm sure you have a good eye for clothes and it won't be any different for the more 'generous' attire.


  • Hi Chelle

    Might be a little more costly, but you could always go to a tailors and have a couple of skirts / trousers made up to fit you perfectly.

    Thety wouldnt then look like youve had to buy the next size up. They would just sow a bump in


  • Hi chelle I lived in maternity jeans 👖 as I got sick of wearing tracksuit bottoms lol

  • I wore maternity leggings & still do as I have to wear a urostomy bag the adjustable waistband is amazing & helps hide my ever growing hernia although I live in pj bottoms at home, can't beat those 😊 xx

  • very do amazing ones & tops. Hope you find what you're looking for xx

  • Hi chelae I used to wear stretchy leggings and loose tops now it's summer 🤔 Loose shift dresses are everywhere. Still got funny looks though cos I'm 52 and u could see people thinking bloody hell shes abit old to be pregnant lol x

  • why not; whatever keeps you as comfortable as possible. xx

  • I would wear whatever you feel comfortable in even PJ bottoms, It doesn't matter what you wear in this day and age, comfort is in. Good luck.

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