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My appointment with the consultant through Bupa

Hi all, well firstly, thank you for all the replies in my previous post. I was saddened to read that a few of you were suffering like myself and not getting the support needed.

Well I saw the consultant that discharged me from his care. Ironically, he was also one of the first doctors to have dealt with my case when I fell ill with acute liver failure. He actually saved my life by liaising with the liver centre in Birmingham and it was his thinking that got me to the hospital on time. So I was surprised when he discharged me. I went in to see him on Tuesday and I could feel he was a little awkward and pretending that he saw me a few years back when I was hospitalised but I reminded him that I also saw him a few months ago. From what he said was that he was confused as my liver hospital said they will look into it further and refer me to a gastroenterologist there. I explained the situation and started crying telling him the pain didn't even compare to the transplant pain and that was painful!

He was actually kind and I explained how the liver doctor at QE thought I was anxious hence the pain. He didn't think it was anxiety and felt it was something to do with the blood supply to the intestines or that there was a blockage somewhere.

I was meant to have a CT scan on Thursday at QE but strangely it was a repeated ultrasound that I had a month ago. I was angry that I trekked down all the way there to only be told I'm OK and the couldn't see anything. The previous letter had mentioned a CT scan for the pancreas and during the ultrasound she wasn't really looking at the pancreas until I mentioned it. She couldn't see it so well.

Anyway so I had a letter through from my private consultation and it mentioned mesentric vasculature or other forms of blockage and after looking over the ultrasound he will contact me.

I really hope I'm close to a diagnosis finally! I'm not going to get my hope too high yet because then I get disappointed!

Thank you and I'll update you guys once there's light at the end of the tunnel!

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Hi jahida I messaged you before that's where my blood clot was in the main mesentric vein and because of this the bowel was blocking up.



I really hope you get sorted soon, it's been going on too long now. Lots of love Lynne xxxx


Hi Jahida , well first off good for you for standing your ground to get some answers. I know how frustrated you are but now maybe there is a light at the end of this journey.. I have not heard of what your possible diagnosis may be but I will look it up. Good luck! Hope all works out well for you 🤞


Glad that you might now get a proper diagnosis, good treatment, and a swift recovery from that pain. All the best!

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Dear Jahida,

It is so frustrating when med team try to blame things on anxiety and stress... They tried to get my husband seen by a psychiatrist because they thought a lot of his symptoms were due to stress.

I am so pleased things are now moving your way..

Here's hoping you get the answers you need Hun.

Yours truly,


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Hi Jahida,

Sorry to hear you've been having problems. I've had things blamed on anxiety and at some points I believed it but turned out to be anemia and infection. Even though they are the doctors with knowledge and should be listened to, I also believe you should trust your body and own instinct. You only get one shot at life and if you think something is wrong the very least is to be thoroughly checked and reassured, so it's worth fighting for it. Good luck to you, and thank you for your support in my previous posts.

Alicja xx


Well the H.pylori test came out negative. The consultant is still waiting for the ultrasound report and then I'm not sure what the next step is.

I'm quite disappointed that the h.pylori test came out negative.

I had a huge anxiety attack last night and I'm worried that what if there never is a diagnosis?

Can stage 3 chronic kidney disease cause these problems? They don't feel that is the case. I just don't know what else to think anymore.


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