Impressed with treatment

Some of you saw my post from last week about how fast my disease has worsened, and how shocked I am at the treatment some people are given.

I thought I would temper it with positive comments.

Within 3 weeks of seeing my specialist I will have had an endoscopy, ultrasound, whole array of blood tests and fibroscan, she is arranging an ELF test ,,, another blood testas soon as possible.

Can't say my treatment could be much better.

Well done Princess Royal Hospital, Telford

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  • Hi Mrsmerlin! I am so pleased to hear that at last you are now in a care plan 😊.even though it took me ages to convince my own doctor last November to refer me to a hepetologist, of which I was seen in Feb this year at the queen Elizabeth hospital., and two weeks ago .I have had a fibroscan done which was high so I know I am f4 end stage. I had a fasting scan last week and further bloods done . I was given lactulose due to my sleeping pattern and getting confused with things due to hepatic encephalopathy I am due a Dexa scan on 8th June and the dreaded endo on 23 rd June. Yes, like many others we have to wait and push to get to where we want to be with medical care but it's so worth it when you know you are now in safe hands .hope all goes well with your tests 😊

  • Hope your results show that things are stabilising at least.

    I will be under the QE when I dip a bit further

  • Hi mrsmerlin , thats what I am hoping for myself. I know things have progressed with me now and I do count myself lucky to have sailed through 9yrs , many thanks for your kind reply; wishing you all the best 🤞

  • good luck with all the tests

  • Ty x

  • My OH has received amazing support from his GP and from the Royal United Hospital in Bath; despite being alcohol related, they have always treated him with respect and compassion, despite four hospital admissions in the last five years. I have nothing but praise and respect for the staff at the RUH and for his GP.

  • I am glad that you have met with such good service.

    I don't see why alcohol as the catalyst for the condition should make a difference. Unfortunately the fact that we can all understand the comment shows how badly some hospitals treat people as second class citizens because of alcohol. Yet cigarettes and food or drugs are proactively treated.


    I know that we are not supposed to name and shame hospitals providing a less than perfect level of care. However, I have no problem recommending a hospital where they go above and beyond, this helps people to make a more informed choice of where to be treated.

    I am more than happy to recommend my hepatologist but would do so via PM.

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