Complications after iron infusion?

I had an iron infusion 2 days ago and I also have congenital liver fibrosis. Yesterday afternoon I began developing fever like symptoms: high temperature, feeling cold, constant headaches, aching all over and it honestly feels like someone is standing on my chest constantly. Could all this just be a side affect after having the infusion? I rung my liver specialist when it all started happening and she said itl take a couple of days to kick in but I'm honestly feeling worse not better.

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  • if u feel that bad get help go go AE or Gp better safe than sorry

  • Hi Taggiem, how are you feeling now, do you think you may have an infection at all? Have you been to see anyone at all. I do hope you are feeling better .💐 Linda x

  • Hiya Linda, went in yesterday and turns out it was my spleen that was very enlarged. Wasn't seen by my liver specialist but just by a surgeon who said I didn't need any surgery thank god!! And then was told to go home there was no treatment plan or follow up scheduled so I'm wondering if I should speak to the liver specialist. Can't eat anything from feeling so feel and from the pain either! Thank you for asking xx

  • Oh im glad you went to see someone, thing is these days you really have to push to get anywhere, if I were you I would see the liver specialist even though it is your spleen that's causing problems. You really should have a care plan put in place regardless .I'm now bogged down with loads of tests coming up for the liver, even though the LFT came back ok you can never really take that reading as all is good because that changes a lot. Glad you don't have to have any surgery😊.go with your own instinct hun , thats what I would do . Keep in touch. Take care Linda 🌻xx

  • Thank you so much Linda, is great to have other people to speak to about these problems aswell! Don't really know anyone with the same issues as me so they don't really understand what it is like everyday! Hope all is well with you and they keep a good eye on you. Best of luck and yes il keep you updated xxx

  • Hi Taggiem ! It's no problem at all , and likewise it's always good to talk to someone who understands and can relate to. You make sure you get things sorted 😊.im ok ; I just take it one day at a time and see how I get on 😁. I'm being well looked after now by the liver team at the QE hospital. Yes keep me posted hun .you take care 🌺xxx

  • Hi Millie09 just been to the surgery to see a doctor today and been referred to my liver specialist, spleen is 17cm in total and is causing me a lot of pain, can hardly eat and have lost a lot of weight aswell! Will keep you updated! Not sure where I will go from here x

  • Hi Taggiem! Oh wow 😐. I'm so pleased that you are now being refered to a liver consultant. I don't really know much about the spleen but I can imagine how much pain it's been causing you , you should be seen soon . I hope you are being monitored in the mean time due to your weight loss and not eating. I was like you and the hospital prescribed me fortisip and fortijuice to make sure that nutrients were helping build me up

    Thank you so much for letting me know. I'll keep everything crossed for you .stay positive. Here if you need to chat private at all .xx🌺

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