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No treatment for gall bladder pain anymore?

I'm sitting in here, in pain, feeling very unwell, and a bit confused.

I have had two gallstone attacks this week, I've had one before in 2012. as it was just a one off I was advised to leave it unless it became a recurring problem.

In 2012 I was admitted to hospital for two days, given a drip and some strong pain relief which really helped.

I had a very painful attack on Friday night, but it passed after a few hours, so I thought it would be another on off and left it. Though my gallbladder still felt 'sore'.

Yesterday after 12pm it came back with a vengeance. I was being sick (bile) and was in agony.

I went to a&e, where I was given an examination (which made me shriek like an injured hyena), some anti sickness meds and a blood test said I didn't have an infection.

The doctor said to go home with codeine and come back if the pain was uncontrolled. I was in tears at the pain, and dh said 'It isn't controlled now!'. He just repeated himself and gave me a letter to give to my gp.

That was at 8pm last night.

I'm still in pain, being sick, and am unsure what I am supposed to do. Just ride it out? They gave me no idea how long I would feel like this for.

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My bloods were fine too other than the crp rate which was sky high. The first doc I saw said that there was no infection because white cells were ok. Roll on two months and a few hospital admissions my gallbladder perforated. Best thing to do is get GP to refer you urgently for tests. Once you're on the list things should happen fairly quickly. Good luck xx


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